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…as I type this. One of those sudden jolt type earthquakes that jumps it all and puts things to rolling and wavy rumbling, like a command from nowhere and everywhere all at once, not subtle or graceful but high-jumping type rolling, like what it’s like to be riding in a car going quickly over knotty, rough road. Still going on…

BD14944_.gif I was wondering only a few hours ago why I had a headache, considering I haven’t had a headache like this one in many years. My temple starting hurting in a spike sort of pain only a few hours ago and it had me puzzled, almost alarmed about the unusualness of the thing.

I am one of those earthquake sensitive types (previous episodes have proven that) and yet, my problem has been that I never correlated the symptoms with the quakes that followed, other than I started to feel immensely uncomfortable in a few days prior to a quake, so uncomfortable that I’d get, as I have been lately, quite literally jumpy, like a horse that is compelled to run away and yet doesn’t know what from or to where, just that I feel a very strong urge to bolt but don’t know readily why. And I never get jumpy and fearful like that, otherwise. Only prior to an earthquake, which I write here because the same things have happened before and the same thing follows: an earthquake. The experiences never occur otherwise and no earthquake follows, is my point, while they do and it does.

BD14944_.gif So as of today, I’ve now had these experiences enough to know what they mean (earthquake impending when and if I feel as I have this morning and the last few days). I think something larger is on the way, although for today, my headache has just left me, so, perhaps that means we get a breather, and then, likely, farther along, more of a break.

Later…the news is reporting “4.8 quake (some miles to the) West of San Diego“. I don’t like being the harbinger of bad news — can’t run around telling people something’s going to happen where natural events such as earthquakes and other disasters are concerned because they always happen and will always — but I have these sensations when and only when natural disaster-type events approach, and alway have as long as I can recall. Some of the worst events I’d earlier been in proximity to had they happened in any present-past time, I wasn’t in proximity to when they occured because I couldn’t stand to remain where I was, only to leave and find something huge and wild had occured soon afterward. So, what I do is pray and pray for safety for others and wellbeing for all. Gotta trust God. I never chalk things up to chance.

BD14944_.gif Best to be prepared.

“This old earthquake’s gonna leave me in the poor house

It seems like this whole town’s insane

On the thirty-first floor your gold plated door

Won’t keep out the Lord’s burning rain…”

Lyrics, “Sin City” by the incomparable — and in memory of — Gram Parsons, of Polk County, Florida.


Photograph, Polk County, Florida, by Arthur Rothstein

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