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Suspense is building about APOCALYPTO (production began this month), another film by Mel Gibson, written and to be directed by him.

From a keen Mel Gibson fansite (, this intensely characteristic message written in Spanish about APOCALYPTO, translated by Google’s Translation Tools (no laughing, I don’t read nor write Spanish so this’ll have to do):

The original in Spanish:

Son conocidas las tradiciones populares relativas al mito de Quetzalcoatl, divinidad bienhechora con la piel blanca y la larga barba flotante y que, despues de haber cumplido su mision de paz entre los aztecas, habia embarcado atravesando el Atlantico hacia las misteriosa playas de Tlapallan Quetzalcoatl habia prometido volver un dia con sus descendientes para tomar de nuevo posesion de su imperio (Apocalypto???). Este día era aguardado por los aztecas con esperanza o temor, segun los diversos intereses; pero nadie en el vasto territorio de Anahuac dudaba del cumplimiento de la profecia. Durante el reinado de Moctezuma, se creia que la epoca de la vuelta del dios bienhechor estaba proxima. Varios hechos notables, considerados sobrenaturales, y que los historiadores cuentan con mas o menos detalles, parecian anunciar un gran acontecimiento. En 1510, las aguas del gran lago de Tezcuco se agitaron sin causa aparente, sin ninguna sacudida del suelo, sin huracan. Se desbordaron, inundaron Mejico y destruyeron numerosos edificios. En 1511, una de las torres del gran templo se incendio, y fueron vanos los esfuerzos para detener el fuego. En los anos siguientes aparecieron tres cometas, y poco antes de la llegada de los espanoles surgio una gran claridad por Oriente. Esta claridad tenia la forma de una piramide cuya base se apoyaba en el horizonte, y el vertice se aproximaba al cenit era una gran cascada de fuego, un torrente de luz de donde surgian centellas. Hacia esa misma epoca unos lamentos oidos en el aire presagiaban alguna misteriosa y gran calamidad.

Translated from Spanish to English, as per Google’s Language Tools (I’m sure there are grammatical errors what with previous translations in other languages I’ve seen so convoluted by Google, but again, this’ll have to do here):

The traditions are known popular relative to the myth Quetzalcoatl, beneficent divinity with the white skin and the long floating beard and that, after to have fulfilled his mission of peace between the Aztecs, it had embarked crossing the Atlantic towards mysterious beaches of Tlapallan Quetzalcoatl had promised to return a day with its descendants to again take possession from its empire (Apocalypto???). This day was waited by the Aztecs with hope or fear, according to the diverse interests; but nobody in the vast territory of Anahuac doubted the fulfillment of the prophecy. During the reign of Moctezuma, one thought that the time of the return of the beneficent God was next. Several remarkable facts, considered supernatural, and that the historians count more or less on details, seemed to announce a great event. In 1510, the waters of the great lake of Tezcuco were shaken without apparent cause, without no shock of the ground, hurricane. They overflowed, they flooded Mexico and they destroyed numerous buildings. In 1511, one of the towers of the great temple caught fire, and were vain the efforts to stop the fire. In the following years they appeared three I commit, and shortly before the arrival of the Spaniards a great clarity by East arose. This clarity had the form of a pyramid whose base leaned in the horizon, and the vertex came near to the zenith was a great fire cascade, a light torrent from where flashes arose. It made that same time moans heard in the air foretold some mysterious and great calamity.


BD21297_.gif Other news about the busy and broadly inquisitive, talented and good Mel Gibson:

SAM AND GEORGE, to be directed by Richard Donner
— Gibson to produce and to star (from “two old friends reunite after one of them [Gibson] is released from prison after serving twenty years for a crime he didn’t commit”);

UNDER AND ALONE, to be directed by Antoine Fuqua based upon the novel of the same title by William Queen
— Gibson to produce and star (however, “on hold but pending” last I read);

DALLAS, the feature film based upon the notoriously entertaining television series of years ago
— there’s not yet news as to the final decision whether or not Mel Gibson will star as J. R. Ewing — I hope he does;

WARRIOR, to be directed by Gavin O’Connor
— Mel Gibson to produce (“a drama about the warrior Boudicca and her rise from peasant roots to become a military leader who led Britain against the Romans in 61 A.D., and who was postuhumously crowned the first queen of the empire”); and,

FURY ROAD (“Untitled Mad Max 4 Film”)
— there doesn’t seem much point in another Mad Max film without Mel Gibson in the role, nor without the character of Mad Max; here’s hoping that the combined and unlimited patience of fans for “4” will provide George Miller and Mel Gibson all that is necessary to again work together on another edition of their film history.

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  1. justaguy says:

    I get all giddy thinking about a Mad Max 4. The last thing I had heard was that Mel was going to be back… and that Fury Road was going to be more like The Road Warrior…and not like Thunderdome.

    I’m also giddy over Bryan S.’s new Supes film…every time he updates his site…the film begins to look better and better.

  2. -S- says:

    I enjoy Bryan Singer’s Video Journals but the SUPERMAN RETURNS bug hasn’t hit me (so far). I chalk that up to a certain overload of comic-character-effect-driven films this past decade that falter as to story (SPIDERMAN and THE INCREDIBLES are exceptional exceptions). I was eager for ongoing ALIEN episodics until the last one…one thing that ruins intensity and reality-in-story for me (no suspension of disbelief!! ha) is the appearance in time-irrelevant or time-abstracted stories of contemporary colloquialisms…and so many of these genres seem to do that to the point of foolishness, as if they’re a person cutting holes in their pockets before they put in all the cash and go jogging. It ruins otherwise potentially meaningful characters and environments to hear characters communicating in the same dialogue we hear in our present-day environments.

    (Still on this tangent): For example, Ripley-Resurrected, when meeting for the first time the rogue, militant body-snatchers in space, hears someone say, “Hey, I thought you were dead,” and Ripley-Resurrected says, “Yeah, I get that a lot” and moves on, flippantly, another-day-at-the-village-market tone and presence. It ruins my patience from the point I hear that sort of careless dialogue and I can’t believe again afterward and the film’s deteriorate afterward.

    So, the SUPERMAN films made those downturns, too, and reduced themselves to modern coffee talking and lost touch with the import and literal power-charged language and message of the original character as drawn and print-published.

    I’m willing to give it another go, having been very fond of the Superman comics, like most everyone, in my younger years but, just sayiing, I haven’t yet gotten overtly anticipatory about SUPERMAN RETURNS, but not from a negative perpsective as audience, just as a bit of a harder to please audience than some.

    NEW TOPIC…about FURY ROAD (“Untitled Mad Max 4” film), I think the series suffered from the BEYOND THUNDERDOME lack of believability factor ONLY in the character AUNTIE by Tina Turner. The gross and desperate depraved future and here’s the pristine beauty queen with flawless appearance and power over the otherwise far more potent depraved still living and it was not believable in comparison with the other characters — which were all done very, very well by comparison. Not that Turner isn’t a fabulous talent (she is) but that her as she appeared in that role, that film, the character depleted the believability to a great deal of that episode and the series was set to wander into the promise of loss of credibility from that point forward. The remainder of the film was done so well (by all) and compensated well for that problem but the problem was “a little loud” to be forgotten. Turner’s characterisation as it’s in that episode was similar to that dialogue-failure problem in that there was the persistence of our contemporary cosmetics and expectations forced into an otherwise reality and it depleted the believability of the film’s reality because of that.

    Thus, yes, I do hope that FURY ROAD (Mad Max 4) will be a pickup from the grittiness and lack of cosmetics that was THE ROAD WARRIOR. I just know that there will be a hard sell for most of us without Gibson as Mad Max, however, despite anything else to compensate.

    I like and very much like BEYOND THUNDERDOME but it’s moreorless that I overlook the Turner characterisation and enjoy all the rest. Otherwise, that episode is wonderful.

  3. justaguy says:

    I have a lot of hope for the new Superman film due to the fact they ditched the J.J. Abrams script and got Michael Dougherty instead. Also, they have a good director Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2)….when Singer said he wanted the epic feel of the first film…I knew it was likely in good hands. According to the story…Superman has left Earth for several years…going back to his galaxy that possessed Krypton…trying to find out if he truly is the last one….kinda a journey of self-discovery…he returns…and a lot has changed…should be interesting. I’m hoping this film revitalizes the franchise like Nolan did Batman.

  4. -S- says:

    “…epic quality of the first film (SUPERMAN)…” — > yes, exactly what’s necessary for credibility. The genre no longer works (nor never did for my view) when the epic-nature is abandoned in lieu of the franchise appeal, “mass produced” merchandising works. The wonderful works upon which these films are based were appealing because they were sincerely characterised, just in fantasy situations. The insincerity of much of today’s colloquialisms and attitudes depletes/counters the sincerity of those epic characters and themes…there really is a huge difference between films comprised of fantasy characters and digital gaming, although some filmmakers/producers don’t perceive that.

  5. I am glad to see Gibson is going to do the story of Britain’s first queen. The PBS version was an awful joke.

    The history of the native uprising against the Roman conquerors is a great story that deserves a good production. And I think we can count on Mel Gibson for a good job.

  6. -S- says:

    Yes, me, too (^^), agreed! I feel conflicted as to any recognizable actor performing Boudicca, however; with a possibly less skilled performer, it wouldn’t be as effective, either, but the idea of a celebrity presence as Boudicca…only person I can readily even think of is Cate Blanchett — Boudicca is said to have had her complexion and hair color (mine, too) and while that can be modified in cosmetics, I realize, Blanchett seems most inherently ready for the role. Regardless, the casting for that role will be a work of art in and of itself.