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“Has Germany finally found redemption from it’s past?” by John Mallon, Associate Editor of INSIDE THE VATICAN: “Jesus ‘Uber Alles’“.

Pope Benedict XVI returned to Germany this month and Christ is again the message. And the welcoming home.

Thanks to Catholic Rage Monkey for the link (and so much more).

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  1. epador says:

    There seem to be two churches in each German town. The one you go to and the “church on the other side of town.” I think whether your church has the rooster on top or not still determines whether you acknowledge the pope’s existence or not. But it would be interesting to see otherwise

  2. -S- says:

    Yes, you’re right as to the confusion about the “rooster on top” of any church affiliaton, as being not an indication of Vatican presence, or, or…not! Ha…a confusing issue.

    Seriously, the “rooster” isn’t a Catholic symbol, to my knowledge, as to adornment of churches, parishes and/or shrines, nor any literal religious iconography — while in folk history (throughout cultures), it’s an indication of male strength, power, machismo in Italian lore (certainly the kitchen) as also elsewhere.

    BUT, in Germany…yes, that bird reference can still suggest memory and reference to the separate, offensive history despite also being folk history iconography so it can be confusing as to displaying a bird (“the rooster” as you refer to it) on top a structure, certainly, in some people’s perceptions. But, then again, so could driving a Volkswagen, so it seems that it is an issue of not only the offensive history being now past, but that these fears about the folk history as cultural references be allowed to also fade away — cultural, folk history does not inherently then also define political, spiritual perversions that arose from within or associated with, is my point and I believe is also now the point about the military past from Germany’s mid-Twentieth Century. Taken to extremes, the fears today can become the thing itself, and dampen the message of the new message otherwise. I believe that God’s provided Pope Benedict, a German by birth and familial ancestry, as a person to move the issue forward, not backward.

    On the other hand, the symbolism and references in Catholicism and all Christianity to and about a BIRD are profound: bird of peace, bird as messenger, Holy Spirit of God in the shape of a bird, bird’s wings on human form to exemplify visually an angel, messenger of God.

    It’s those latter symbols that DOES work into Catholicism, Christianity. Given that God is the breath of life, the creator, the idea that the motion of wings upon the very atmosphere can and does cause some of us to reflect upon God and His holiness. His breath, his Word.

    So, in that context of the imagery…but I think I understand what you mean, as to suggesting that the denomination affiliation can pose difficulties to some.