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Among the areas of humanity and commerce and my own individual issues that I find most interesting — similar in intensity to how I regard clear water when I swim — is customer service: absence of it, or, worse, abuse of resources when it is very, very badly done.

BD15060_.gif An ongoing discussion by nearly everyone who involves in the art of screenwriting and relies on technology eventually to engage the process beyond a pen and a legal pad o’ paper and the writing of a check to a typist to work it all out for you otherwise (I read once that William Shatner used that method for a while, and, perhaps, still does), the ongoing discussion is whether to use Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter software/s (both provide versions for specializations).

But, about customer service, a company either gets that it is crucial to product development and survival afterward, or, it doesn’t. Read: “Dear Final Draft: GOODBYE” from Craig Mazin of The Artful Writer.

BD15060_.gif Program bugs are creepy but customer service bugs are downright foul. My vote remains out as to which program I prefer — not intending the ruination of either here and I make no statement to suggest an endorsement or criticism about the author of the linked content — but as to customer service, my advice as a consumer to people in commerce: do it well and provide it readily or wither on the vine. Because, worse, before the wither, the fruit is bitter.

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