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RedDotRagged.gif “…Planes are easy to steal as long as you know how to fly them…”

from the AP story, “Jet Stolen From Fla. Winds Up Near Atlanta

Oh, those pesky plane thievin’ hot wiring easy stealin’ pilots, pushin’ the buttons that the rest of us aren’t willin’ to do. AP now makes it easier to do (or not do), depending upon one’s abilities to push the right (or wrong) buttons.

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  1. -S- says:

    Not like one and only one person has the key, I am thinking, for any one aircraft.

  2. epador says:

    While you may not need an ignition key to start an aircraft, most jets have a pesky thing called a door, and most of those are keyed… …if you jimmy in via an escape hatch, you no doubt break your pressurization seals, not a good thing if you are going to fly higher than tree top level.

    So if you leave your jet unlocked, you have only yourself to blame…