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The following email reprint is not politically correct, I realize, but I tend to avoid that entire concept anyway.

What I do know is that there are many people who ARE organized by the concept of political correctness and that they will find the following offensive. Offensive because it upsets their concept of social order but probably not offensive as to the story reported by this fellow, and what I’m going to share here for the sake of reality.

And, reality can be brutal and often is. Certainly has been these past few weeks.

The names of those involved have been removed, as has the author’s e-mail address. But what follows is written by someone who is there and has been right there, dealing with the conditions following Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Gulf Coast. Obviously, the writer is tense, overwrought and entitled to his outrage. You won’t read about this reality in our media; you’ll only read about the outrage about the outrage and various other opportunities to avoid blaming those responsible.

BD21331_.gif “Subject: Katrina update — the straight word

“I’m not sure you knew that I bought a home in Baton Rouge last month so my wife could be near her family while I’ve been away on business.

“She weathered the hurricane, and I went down to assess the situation last Wednesday. It was quickly apparent that I had to get her out of there. So, I brought her back to New York with me last Friday. Below is a first-hand account from my trip (extracted from an email I just sent to one of my do-gooder liberal friends who thinks she needs to hurry down there and volunteer to help the poor refugees).

“We had no power in (Baton Rouge, LA); thus no telephone/computer/email. Other issues much more pressing. Carjackings rampant (appx 15-20 per day). Many of those with bullets through the head of the drivers. When I was there, I drove with a .357 Magnum pistol in my lap and was prepared to use it. 99% of the people that were out-and-about were black — many blatantly waving guns.

“Jesse Jackson dropped his three busloads of evacuees off in the parking lot of the Mall of Louisiana after his photo-op in New Orleans…never had a plan to take them anywhere… had nothing lined up. Within an hour after he dropped them off, every car in the parking lot had their windows broken out and vandalized. Then, they spread out to the surrounding areas doing the same: put a bullet in everyone who got in their way. (Writer’s wife)’s niece had her money grabbed from her hand while handing it to the bank teller in a drive-through window in broad daylight. Many rapes and murders every night in and near the downtown shelter.

“Police called in to stop the blacks threatening to kill every white LSU [Ed. note: LSU=Louisiana State University] student near the stadium. LSU game immediately cancelled and this week’s game moved to Arizona due to more threats of violence and disruption.

“(Writer’s wife)’s son went down to the shelter to volunteer. Said there was more food and water there than could ever be consumed. He left early after having his life threatened by ‘poor, underprivileged’ blacks who’ve been ‘repressed by whites.’ In case you haven’t picked up on my frame of mind… I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the bastards!

“Absolutely out of control and most of this unreported due to fears of ‘racism’ flavor from TV pundits. We found out yesterday that our house was broken into and looted. (Writer’s friend)’s sister drove by and saw the garage door open. (She) flew back this morning to see what we have left, if anything, in our home. I’m certain they didn’t take food and water!

“I’ve heard they are quickly moving more military into Baton Rouge and have restored some order. But, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to get there to help these poor suffering refugees if I were you.”


  1. epador says:

    Thanks for publishing this.

    No need for glib comments.