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A welcome and unabashedly honest decision, one that I support and encourage, the Vatican forbids homosexuals from enrolling in Catholic seminaries. The Catholic Church, through Pope Benedict has declared that “homosexuality is incompatible with the Priesthood.”

However, it isn’t the “American Church” that is “roil(ed) but popular culture, some of which insists cultural compromises upon the American (and otherwise) Church. The faithful know — and believe — otherwise.

“EXPECTED VATICAN BAN ROILS AMERICAN CHURCH” from the Associated Press, equally “roiled,” no doubt based upon their headline alone.

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  1. epador says:

    Uh, where’s the ban on pedophiles?

  2. -S- says:

    THERE it is, right there in this instruction by Pope Benedict.

  3. -S- says:

    The vast majority of pedophilic acts by some in the Priesthood were committed by those who also identify as homosexuals. It’s a case of preventing access to the seminaries and thus access to the Priesthood by those who Pope Benedict so accurately descibes as possessing “disordered states” spiritually, within the context of the Catholic Priesthood.

    I recognize that these concepts are not parallel with some within a popular-society-cultural reference, as do other Christians, Catholics, and yet this instruction is intended for the organization of Catholic seminaries and consequently the Priesthood.

    This is an instruction for and about the Catholic Church and is widely endorsed and supported by most Catholics (the faithful). Homosexuality is called by God to be “an abomination,” an “abominable” behavior/act/”evil” as Pope John Paul called it while tolerating enrollment in the past Priesthood by homosexuals with the expectation that they would renounce the evil. Sadly, most if not all homosexuals renounce their vows and the Church itself (this article even affirms that) before they renounce the abomination.

    A Catholic Priest represents the holiness of the relationship between God and His Son as does His Son, Christ represent a love and relationship for His Church. If and when an abomination is allowed to stand where such holiness should be, the result is a dreadful denigration of the holy relationship that the Church is in relationship to God and Christ.

    The article quotes “gays and homosexual activists” as being disgruntled and threatening to depart the Priesthood and to those, most of us Catholics say, go, go ahead, depart. They will violate their vows and denigrate the Church before they will denounce the evil that they continue to embrace and within the context of Catholicism and Christianity itself, it is best that persons like that are not allowed to enter the Priesthood.

    I and many other Catholics welcome this frank instruction by Pope Benedict, may he live long.