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The Bad and Old: AQ Webhost (and prior to that brief relationship, another bad one, “webintellects”).

The (Exceptionally) GREAT and New: LivingDot

UPDATE, September 2010: LivingDot has continued to perform above and beyond the ‘call of duty,’ far passing all my expectations for good and reliable service; not only that, but LivingDot has a highly commendable track record over the years I have hosted with them in providing outstanding customer/technical/billing service and support; I began with LivingDot in 2005 — the date of this original post — and through to the present, they have not failed to provide me with exceptional service and support.

So, returning to the 2005 post, as follows:

Things will be settled down by tomorrow are now settled down and only two hours later and I have my new webhost to thank for that. Two hours, start to finish, including Name Servers propagated — to include my gratitude to those other than the new host.

My experiences with some in commerce have been maligned here, elsewhere, as have my complaints about those bad experiences and the malignation itself — when there’s a very poor experience with a commercial group and they then malign that expression of confronting the problem, whatever the problem was or is, that’s more evidence in my experience that there’s a bad purveyor of goods/services at the starting point. Commercial organizations that denigrate a customer and then denigrate customer complaints proves how inept and awful they are by their inability to compensate and/or even acknowledge a problem. Don’t acknowledge it if pride’s the thing but at least allow the bad experiences to remain unmultiplied and a consumer to remain unsullied, so to speak, in a complaint — but what I’ll never understand is the desperate acts by some in commerce who pursue a complaint and thereby multiply exponentially a bad experience. Seems like it’s the efficient thing to do to just let it go, release a customer without beng vindictive when they decide to shop elsewhere, because chasing a customer out the door, or from a server once they’ve indicated their decision to depart, is crazy.

So, I’m going to continue to write about and expand upon both my good and my bad, and particularly my very bad, commercial experiences with the worst of our American business who poses as credible. With every nasty comment I receive afterward, my bad experiences are confirmed.

Someone asked me in complete insincerity (they were going for an insult and not seeking an explanation to the question) why I complimented earlier a commerical group who it was later revealed to be were dishonest, certainly not kind, and actually very rough people — who I was very relieved to disengage from and whom I only made a purchase from by random internet search — and what I have to say about that is this: some people disrespect kindness and devalue customer loyalty. What that tells me is they devalue themselves, don’t believe in their goods/services/products and are not worth my dime, energy or kindness. Nor shall they ever have a good word in their corner from me again. Nor a bad one. And I”m fine with that: distance and time and better alternatives are welcoming things. But it’s not the initial kindness and good faith by a customer that is at fault at times such as those and anyone suggesting that is a fool, a disgruntled purveyor of bad products and probably both. A person makes a purchase as an act of faith, extends themselves in a customer relationship as an act of trust and it’s the bad folk in our human world who take advantage of those qualities in consumers and mislead them, or worse, abuse them for trusting. Profit does not have to hinge upon disadvantaging anyone.

What I’m learning about webhosts, being someone with not too much experience in that regard as of this date — just not enough time and experience so far — is that it’s a rough world and a lot of rough people have little perspective as to customer service issues, and so they do what troubled people do and that is respond to inquiries and concerns with hostility.

Doesn’t make it right, hardly makes it someone most of us would dare to share phone numbers with, but here you are, being addled by someone’s caustic juice and all you want is a resolution to a technical question. Sales departments romance the customer but with some business groups, the customer only finds out that they’ve made a bad purchase afterward, that the romancing was nothing but an artificial process and what you’ve found yourself involved in is bad commerce after you are engaged.

That’s it, right there. Threatened people on the take and just dare to ask too much, cross the t’s they didn’t and it’s nastiness from there. If you’re sold a pair of shoes that don’t fit, take them back and ask for a refund or a pair that does fit but never accept that you don’t deserve neither, nor that you are wrong to ask for either. Worse, do not set foot again in a store where the clerk begins to call you names and write sarcastic notes about you and dispense them to other customers in the store in an attempt to embarrass you for asking that a wrong deal be set right by the dealer. Which is what bad webhosts, specifically (but same applies to other business) do, unfortunately, assuming they are masters of what they survey and nary an enforcer will intercede.

So, people with bad character and/or troubled temperament take advantage of others who exist digitally only, in my experience, unless they’re people of good character who don’t. Bad webhosts are the former, and good webhosts are the latter. Same with corner markets, hardware stores and shoe shops.

What I ever wrote complimentary about AQHost, my former webhost, is now retracted, who is now resigned to the “bad webhosts who suck” heap, and who has lost my business. But first they lost my respect.

My efforts to so much as bespeak hopefully and well about AQHost at the start of my purchase from them shows my good intentions — that they so quickly degenerated into bashing me as a customer reveals their lack of good intentions in the arrangement. Their bashing of me — and on a personal level — was uncalled for, cruel, irrational and indecent.

And that a customer complaint is the tip of the iceberg and companies that ignore them are not the way to go, however large or small the purchase, the customer or the product, good or service.

AS TO MY NEW WEBHOST: thank you, LivingDot, for a nice introductory account experience and for my current hosting arrangement served up with excellent customer service.

Update, later September 2005: AQHost provided a refund to me for my last, partially used but fully paid month’s service, after first contacting me to announce I would not be receiving a refund after I closed my account there, despite me never asking for one (oddly aggressive and derogatory to me as a departing customer who never asked them to go out of their way for anything, including refunding me for unused services) but it doesn’t compensate for their randy technical “support” person/s — when you write a question and it is responded to with a higher than usual level of negation about you as customer and about the technical question you asked (my experience at AQHost that is inexplicable even now – complete with closing support requests without resolving the failed technical problem), it’s a good rule of thumb to start looking around for other webhosts because people who disrespect customers to that extent should not have access to customers and whoever employs people like that in technical and/or customer “support” has a problem that they’re either ignoring or they intend as making it as unpleasant as possible for customers to interact with their organization (both are indications of a poor organization). Commerical groups who don’t provide actual service to customers after engaging customers don’t merit an ongoing relationship and customers should shop around accordingly.

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