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BD21297_.gif SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Wednesday he will veto a bill (State Assembly Bill 849)that would have made California the first state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage through legislative action.

Schwarzenegger said the legislation, given final approval Tuesday by lawmakers, would conflict with the intent of voters when they approved Proposition 22. That measure was put on the ballot in 2000 to prevent California from recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

“We cannot have a system where the people vote and the Legislature derails that vote,” the governor’s press secretary, Margita Thompson, said in a statement. “Out of respect for the will of the people, the governor will veto (the bill).”…MORE.

BD21297_.gif Governor Schwarzenegger has reappeared as the leader guy many of us hoped he would be. The wailing about this leadership and the values that motivate it continues by the ardent left in California and elsewhere. I’m just glad that among California’s disturbing left, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Governor’s office. I was curious when Ronald Reagan’s legacy and example would show through and now they have.

You know you’ve arrived when you hear the words, “you’ll never eat lunch in this town again.” It sounds like big, big box office. I’m looking forward to Schwarzenegger’s successful return to films right after his successful return to the Governor’s office in California.

BD21297_.gif Thank you, Governor Schwarzenegger.

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  1. epador says:

    Now I’m a little bit farther north. I find it not distressing that little news from down there filters up here, but its nice to see there’s someone still sticking it to the legislators in Sacramento.

  2. -S- says:

    This SB849, even more offensively than otherwise, was tacked onto some Fish & Game legislation, I suppose to attempt to make it as covert as possible. It wasn’t only “pork” in that sense, it was outrageously offensive pork. Since the majority of voters (something over 61%) earlier voted to define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, and to not recognize any variations of that from other states in the country, I GUESS the idea with SB849 was to try to sneak it into “law” and hope no one would notice, or if not that, to derail the otherwise Fish & Game legislation by weighing it down with objectionable pork in defiance of already determined “marriage” legality/illegality in CA. For whatever the maneuvering involved, it certainly was a lowdown, sneaky attempt to undermine voter opinion.

    So, yeah, you’re right about this and that is that it’s nice (very nice) to see someone in authority standing up for voter opinion and sticking it to the corrupt void of morality by state legislators, Democrats specifically.

    The Republicans in the legislature in CA all voted against it, which is encouraging. But it was the way that the Democrats who “approved” this legislation did so, and that was by utterly covert, nearly guerilla tactics where legislation is concerned.

    Governor Schwarzenegger’s done the right thing here and his reasons why are also very right.