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BD15060_.gif “Bush Sees ‘Bright Dawn’ Emerging in Gulf”

My only disagreement to date with everything that President Bush has done (and gratitude to everyone else who has and is helping, worldwide) is with the “rebuild New Orleans” sentiments and plans — a city that exists at lower than sea level, surrounded by sea on one side, a huge lake of fresh-to-salty water on another side and the Mississippi River pushing all around every other edge and only man-made levees to keep all that water out and human habitation possible and no expectation that hurricanes of Category Five are not going to reaffect the Gulf shore, and ideas to rebuild the area seem more than foolish. Billions to relocate the place but billions more to continue to rebuild it and in such compromised a situation as where it is now, and how.

Rebuild the ports, reinforce the levees but rebuild all the rest many miles inland on higher ground with new homes, new roads and corridors, fresh space and safer surroundings. And leave the marsh and swamplands to go where they want to: under the sea, in the river, beneath a lake, and not habitable otherwise. At least, for humans and companion and domestic animals.

There is no guarantee that whatever reconstruction is done of and for New Orleans will not later be again submerged and destroyed with yet another and then another mega-storm. What’ll we — and people living there — do then.

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