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BD21423_.gif President Bush is ongoing in his present-moment speech from the ground in Mobile, Alabama before returning to New Orleans; and, I appreciate it, as one lone citizen here, that he’s hearing — and publicly — the requests and of rescue efforts and representatives from organizations otherwise…

And to hear him emphasize that “law and order” is necessary and his intentions to see it returned to New Orleans. Looting and lack of law and order has been witnessed elsewhere but the degradation of humanity in New Orleans — the barbaric behaviors described and anarchy seen — has rendered many of us speechless, wordless, otherwise horrified.

Food and transportation out of New Orleans has arrived, finally but it’s there now so best to get on with things.

BD21423_.gif Rebuilding New Orleans as and where it’s previously been is, to my view, the height of insanity, not to mention excessive fiscal mismanagement. President Bush indicated in his speech just moments ago that he foresees New Orleans rebuilt, as with also the entire Gulf Coast, but what I hope he intends is new building, not rebuilding. The City of New Orleans as it’s been known should now be left to memories and future tours of the antiquated past — and what our future should have is a second City of New Orleans built on sensible, original terms.

At long last, however, rescue is now underway for those remaining. The shelter and temporary housing situation is a serious challenge and the anticipated, resulting infections and complications from the toxic sewer that New Orleans degenerated into is increasingly becoming apparent or soon will be. I just heard a spokesman for the CDC on FOX News saying that no disease outbreaks were known to them as of this date from New Orleans but I think that statement reinforces the poor communications available more than it reports on real conditions.

However, the anarchy from New Orleans — murders, looting, vandalism, assaults, total degradation of behavior far past anything tolerable by our civilization — has to come to an end and quickly.

BD21423_.gif My thoughts this morning are to encourage myself and everyone else to recognize that disasters are going to continue to happen and that every individual has to be prepared to fend for themselves. Prepare and don’t anticipate rescue, that’s the big lesson here. That way, helps and rescue is even more appreciated when/as/if it occurs but at least there’s a plan otherwise.

BD21423_.gif My heroes so far in this atrocity is our United States Coast Guard — hearing, particularly, among all the human and infrastrucral emergency conditions they have had to contend with and continue to, the kindly Coast Guard fellow included mention to President Bush moments ago that they were rescuing pets when and as they were able. My heroes.

The U.S. Coast Guard website from our Department of Homeland Security has many resources available for all areas of this apocolyptic disaster to our nation.

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  1. epador says:

    I knew there was a reason I transferred from USAF to USCG.

    Doing what it does everyday, just exponentially magnified. Including saving pets.

    Pray for everyones safety, including the rescuers. Can you believe the fools taking pot shots at them? I have a special place for them – strapped to the hood or grill of every truck and hummer on convoy in Iraq.

  2. -S- says:

    It’s ghastly, the fools taking shots at rescuers, yes. What I am guessing is behind this crime wave, however, is the prisoner population that was set loose in New Orleans just prior to the storm’s impact. The mystery remains as to how the snipers got possession of AK-47’s/automatic weapons — I’m surprised if they looted automatic weapons, is my point.

    And, the City had a crime wave underway before the storm, such that prisoners being set loose in the City is more of the same. The City seems to have been and is now even moreso a sanctuary for some of the worst among humanity. Thank God the good people otherwise have been saved from that.

    About pets…I saw images earlier today of abandoned dogs TIED to a porch with flood waters all around them, obviously skinny to the point of starvation after seven days there, alone. Tied to a porch. Some humans do not deserve to have pets.