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BD21423_.gif I was going to write about my joy and happiness about James Spader winning his second Emmy Award yesterday for Best Actor in BOSTON LEGAL (weekly series, in case you, like me, are not a reference pillar of network series, although this particular one, I’m familiar with) (his first Emmy Award for Best Actor was last year for his role in THE PRACTICE, another weekly series that I also know about — as in, viewed it but only because of James Spader’s role in that series and not before or otherwise), anyway, I was going to write about joy and happiness about this Spader win from the obtuse 57th Emmy Awards broadcast and then I read on several websites that Spader is regarded by some as “(a) favorite creepy actor” and about audience winner confusion, whatever that is, and all I could think about was Episode 59 from THE SOPRANOS, where J.T. takes his “but it’s pure gold” Emmy into pawn and it’s a no-take no-loan and J.T. has to fork over the title of his Beemer to Christofah to make the vig on the $57,000.00 debt just before J.T. shuffles back to rehab to tread water while he figures out how to come up with all the rest of it and Christofah tells him “you can do this, man…I have faith in you.”

I have faith in James Spader as talent, who is not at all creepy nor not creepy but remarkable, who can migrate his way into a character worthy of a deal with Christofah dealing and if there’s any way Steve Buscemi can work Spader into a scene or two in one of the upcoming Season Six episodes of THE SOPRANOS — if Buscemi’s slated to direct any of them — I’d appreciate it. Spader as the guy numb enough to burglarize Tony’s basement, something like that, and who lives to deal about it afterward.

Cast and Crew notes:

BD21423_.gif Season Five, Episode 59, THE SOPRANOS: “In Camelot”
— J.T. Dolan performed by Timothy Daly
— Christopher Moltisanti performed by Michael Imperioli
— Directed by Steve Buscemi
— Written by Terence Winter

BD21423_.gif James Spader
Delayed Gratification” – Interview by Nelson Handel, September 18, 2005

BD21423_.gif Emmy Awards reviewed by Daily Variety, who unremarkably blames “the writers” while avoiding the creepiest aspect of all, the vanity of the process itself: bad television is possible when no one says it is: bad and possible. That does not include THE SOPRANOS.

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“But it’s pure golllllld…”

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