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By way of yesterday’s Sunday talk show circuit, Bill Clinton has done more to denigrate the recovery efforts and charitable process for survivors of Hurricane Katrina than even I ever thought he could. His timing in his statements from yesterday was so poor as to actually scar.

Whatever political plans Bill has for Hillary and Hillary has for herself and Bill, they can say goodbye to any moderate — much less conservative whether a happy Republican or a disgruntled one — ever considering their point of view again after yesterday’s Bill-Bombast. The opportunity to point his finger at the public again and bite his pouting lower lip was, from the performances that followed, just too great for this disgusting opportunist to deny.

BD15315_.gif I agree that Bill Clinton is “an opportunist, a disgusting man.” He has, in one day, managed to reaffirm the worst of the worst impressions about himself and that is, that he is an opportunist and a disgusting man.

“‘If we really wanted to do it right, we would have had lots of buses lined up to take them out,’ Clinton (said).”

What about all those hundreds of buses that were there, available and at the waiting, that were not put to use to “take them out” (the stranded from New Orleans), what about the Amtrak train that was not allowed to come to their rescue, what about the barricade of confusion and nonsense from Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin to prevent any rescue attempts, while denigrating everyone under scramble trying to rescue?

Bill Clinton persist in a performance that indicates he assumes people are stupid — at least that he underassumes the perceptual ability of others — because he speaks foolish nonsense to people at the worst possible time and worse, the man seems to have no sensitivity to what it takes to keep a positive effort moving forward. And those levees around New Orleans, the city, were all there in the same state they were a few months ago, when Clinton was in office — what did HE do to alleviate anything that has occured in the last month to cause pain and suffering? How he can even begin to suggest that hurricanes and storm damage and all the rest is the fault of President Bush is beyond me, but for an opportunist with sullied but persistent political aspirations, there he was yesterday: Bill Clinton, wagging his finger, pompadored again, being disgusting. I am today wondering if he was this insensitive and overassuming while in the Presidency and, yes, I do believe his legacy describes to us that he was — if I could retract a vote, I would; I can’t, so I am left with the voting legacy of having assisted this boob to capture the White House and use it every which way possible.

Here are the buses that Mayor Nagin declined to put into use that Bill Clinton is disgustingly unaware of – or pretends to be — parked in their New Orleans parking lot, a mere four miles from the New Orleans Superdome:


BD15315_.gif Update: please note that the comments quoted in this thread — and about which the title quotes, also — are those of a self-identifying “progressive…openly gay, feminist” individual (“Tammy Bruce“), hardly a person who is towing along with what naysayers call (us) “right wingers”. It took about an hour before the comments section was sullied by irrational interpretations that this blog was stating that “it’s all Bill’s fault.”

This site isn’t so stating. But it’s interesting that those who have done little other than malign President George Bush for five or so years are now crying foul that discussions and complaints about Bill Clinton’s callously awful statements from yesterday (subject of this thread) are us “right wingers” maligning “Bill.”

BD15315_.gif To summarize, Clinton had his eight years and most of those were coasting compared to the massive issues that George Bush and Administration have had to contend with, and that’s just for starters. If all that the Democrats have to go on from this point forward is to laud Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, longing for the good ole’ days of Clinton excess and misdirection, then they have learned nothing. I now understand their comfort zone of Bill Maher and Michael Moore nonsense, within a context similar to someone from a safe perspective observing an atomic explosion down in the Valley of Sorrow.

And the locals in office in woeful New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana are Democrats. The rest of us helped out — and that includes President Bush, the United States Army, the Red Cross, FEMA, law enforcement and firefighters from nearly everywhere, the National Guard, the United States Coast Guard, hundreds of thousands of Christians and other religious groups through individual and group efforts worldwide, most nations elsewhere also, the Salvation Army and so many others — in due process within the limitations and abilities of possibilities to help. The only people who stalled and even prevented those helps from arriving were Democrats and Bill Clinton and his apologists maligning the aid and assistance responses based upon party politics and the need to get Hillary going is beneath contempt.


Shelter tour moment to forget…or, remember to remember forgetting…

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    Winners will be announced when there’s a winner. Related: this thread….

  2. epador says:

    To start off, I love the Vince Foster captions and photo.

    Those aren’t stars, and they are not in a crescent. You are getting a rare look at the large horns that Hell [good ol’] Boy keeps trying to shave off. No comment as to which part of his anatomy is the key to let the evil hordes cross into our dimension during the next eclipse of reason.

  3. -S- says:

    Ha, thanks (pix).

    Since it’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (Freepers and Wizbang have both made that known), I will now lapse into Pirate: “argh, matey, ye be a blight well with the King’s language! Me ears be red from yer golden tongued brogue!”

    A good start, anyway.

  4. -S- says:

    Argh, we be on the wrong thread fer the caption contest, mate.