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“Jagger (M)ocks Bush…”, mockery rocks back.

Update, 08/11/05: Mick Jagger mocks entertainment, humanity, morality and ethics. I now denounce my former decade, from a few ago, of enjoyment of his randy, foolish “band” — what was the point of this group, anyway? Drugs, sex, in various debauched combinations but now Jagger helps to clarify that their point was actually the terrain of nonsense (the ‘drugs-sex-in-debauchery’ part made that point all the while, I realize). I’m glad I never bought the Rolling Stones on CD and long ago lost their vinyls because their time, it has passed.

It isn’t that Jagger opines as to his concept of politics — it’s that his opining indicates such surrender to a non-think, careless abandon of reason. What’s Jagger’s lyric about corruption? Certainly his body of work. If rejecting that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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