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I’ve been preoccupied with two areas of reading and commenting these past few days and what time I’ve had for both or either has been devoted elsewhere (to state the obvious!).

A very interesting, ongoing read has been the forum about the crash of Helios Airways Flight ZU522.

The forum began with Part I (“Cypriot Plane Crash“) but I now cannot locate the link and the forum is content intense — and so also here are the carryon threads: Part II, and, as of today, Part III has nearly reached an end and yet the questions still remain: why no descent from their initial high altitude and why the pilot was not in his seat (at the time of impact, yes, but earlier is the critical issue, as witness by the two F18s that flew along the Helios flight once it was reported as being non-communicative) — a descent would be the first activity that any pilot would take if a high altitude decompression or other possibly catastrophic event occured there, and instead, the Helios flight remained on autopilot at the high altitude, the pilot left his seat (it appears) and ceased communicating. Everything else that occured seems to have occured afterward, but the holding on autopilot at the high altitude with a pilot not in his seat has most everyone I’ve read on the forum puzzled.

The information on that forum is so intense and so specific (most of it) that I’d encourage anyone curious about the events that led to the crash of that aircraft to spend the time necessary to read through the ongoing three (if not four by now) threads there.

And, thanks to Florida Cracker for the links to the several threads on that forum, among her many wondrous links before and since about a myriad of other fascinating issues.

Related, there are since proven fake images on the internet about this event — wrong plane model, for starters, than what was involved in this crash in Greece (a Boeing 737-31S was involved while the fake photos depict a different model, among other characteristics o’ fakery) — and, there is even a discussion thread about the fake images, along with a thread dedicated to the radar plot points that reflect the flight path taken by Helios Flight ZU522 (if you read the forum, you’ll recognize why that’s significant, if you haven’t already).

UPDATE: Another thread, more current, developing, “Helios Crash – Interesting New Development

About my other activities, suffice it to say that Rush Limbaugh has far better expressed about what I’d wanted to write here but have been hesitant to do so: why Cindy Sheehan and promoters are counterproductive and destructive. And that’s the kindest thing I have to add here, this morning, about that.

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