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WB01113_.gif Paul at Wizbang needs help, having lost his housing from the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina.

WB01113_.gif Wizbang has a donation process going via PayPal and Wizbang’s Kevin Aylward is meeting the PayPal fees involved to ensure that the full amounts of all donations go directly to Paul — Paul shares on Wizbang that he encounters many other and more needy persons in the area where he is staying and helps as much as he can, not as much as he’d like, such that Paul can be relied on to share resources with others in need at this time, also displaced by Katrina’s effects.

WB01113_.gif Any other bloggers also suffering from these dreadful conditions ought to contact any one or all of us other bloggers such that we can help bring notice (and helps) their way.

WB01113_.gif I’m still waiting to hear from Contributing Writer justaguy — and am a tad worried.

WB01113_.gif Later Edit: a new blog is now available, presented by Wizbang, dedicated to relief efforts and information exchange for the Hurricane Katrina megadisaster — HurricAid.

WB01113_.gif And, from Florida Cracker, here is a wonderful first-hand survivor story of a blog, Hurricane Katrina Refugee. It is a very, very good read.

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