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WB01113_.gif When the online donations feature on the American Red Cross site is nonresponsive, good indication that their site is receiving a lot of traffic.

WB01113_.gif Which is good. But not good when you want to make a donation and can’t get the website page to load.

WB01113_.gif In which case, CALL: ( 800 ) 435-7669 (The American Red Cross) and make a donation to assist the suffering of our American people. Spokespersons say no amount is too small so don’t withhold giving if you think your ten dollars won’t be appreciated and useful — it will be. Give whatever you can, according to your means.

Be mindful of other opportunites to donate, also (see earlier thread, HIGH WATER BREVITY).

BD21329_.gif Meanwhile, the silence from other nations is deafening. The destruction and ongoing suffering brought to the United States by Hurricane Katrina highlight the “what can America do for us” crowd of Earth’s nations elsewhere.

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  1. -S- says:

    ==>>Later Edit…: previous comments (by “snowballs”) have been deleted due to a forged email address used with those comments.

    This site doesn’t accept comments that include the use of a fake email address (such as that by “snowballs”: “aaa@aaa.aa”).

    If you don’t understand what a viable email address is, or have problems accounting for comments, please go away.


    ==>>My original response to now-deleted “snowballs” suggestions that the U.S. didn’t need assistance from other nations, with suggestion that the City o’ New Orleans would soon “rebuild”:

    I agree about those first responders and particularly about the Coast Guard helicopter crews — it was/is awe inspiring to see them work and work so well, carefully, expertly.

    I was considering yesterday writing an entire thread about just the Coast Guard pilots, since not so much as a waver could be seen on the televised rescues yesterday by the copters in use. Remarkable, wonderful expertise.

    I’ve got mixed emotions about the deafening silence from other nations — it makes many of them look downright shabby. Here we are, doing our own rescue works under enormous pressures of ongoing international rescues…after Katrina, anyone anywhere who says ‘America is cheap’ is going to look completely foolish.

  2. -S- says:

    snowballs…what a difference a day makes. As in, the intensely grim reality as to the despicable horrors in New Orleans are now becoming known. I doubt that N.O. will “recover quickly.”

    In fact, I’d like to see it rebuilt somewhere else. After everyone who is there now is safe and sound somewhere else, that is.