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(Oops, the web-popular graphic, an image of a crying Cindy Sheehan with headline, “does not speak for me,” is now lost…I may have saved a copy of the file during a backup of the site though I will have to search it out at some future time, and, if found, will repost it here. The site underwent two host changes since this post was originally published and several of my older graphic files were, unfortunately, lost during those changes.) — March 2010 Update.

New graphic, with thanks to reader comments (frequent commentor, “epador,” specifically) for suggesting an improvement from the first version (again, that older graphic pending at this later update/edit, March 2010).

After trying to read blog writing from Cindy Sheehan, I am now even more sure of my first impressions of Ms. Sheehan and that is that she’s suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder — lost to herself about herself, her perceptions that the human environment is an extension of herself — and is otherwise suffering (noticably) chaotic emotional anxiety.

Write about her, she and those similar aggress upon the source of the opinions, labelling the expressions by others as “attacks…upon…Cindy Sheehan!” As in, who ELSE exists in a narcissist’s reality but the narcissist? If a person suggests disagrement, questions, has whatever variation of individuality, difference from the narcissist’s reality, they then represent much larger variations than mere differences because they indicate they are not under the control of the narcissist, and then of COURSE it’s threatening…to…the…NARCISSIST. This explains why Sheehan is in such conflict, is so emotional and so threatening in her emotionalism to all but those who are combing her hair, hugging her breast, singing songs to and about her, driving her about, entertaining her, paying her bills, making it all possible. Anyone not reflecting back to the narcissist the narcissistic reality becomes “the attacker,” the other that threatens of such proportions because it really is a threat to an entire universe of reality right there inside the narcissistic personality.

And, also, as to troubled psychology, I include with that of Ms. Sheehan’s that of Laura Costas of Code Pink and Howard Dean (to no one’s surprise as to any of these). Between the three — Dean, Sheehan, Costas — no one else can get a word in edgewise, offer much of any opinion otherwise, or make much of any sense outside their frighteningly rigid and, yes, narcissistic demands for allegiance to their, yes, narcisstic perceptions. There certainly isn’t any time left over to change and perhaps that’s Dean’s plan, although I grab at reasonable straws to account for that, given his educational responsibilities withh all the weight of accountability that they bestow.

My intuitions tell me that what they are doing is begging for a confrontation by their protests. No confrontation, so they make it louder, increase accusations, launch faces/voices/tears into cameras — everyone with an opinion not of Sheehan’s and/or the evil trio’s dogma is “attacking” her and them. Ms. Costas’ brother served in the military — we know that because she continues to say it is so — and that, according to Ms. Costas, is her ticket to ride. Presto, more narcissistic usery by Ms. Costas of her brother’s service record and experience. And what of those faux crosses that offend the survivors of those tiny crosses’ namesakes? Survivors remove them out of care, narcissists insist on reinstating them, survivors be damned. Narcissists don’t understand the boundaries of others — or others at all, much less boundaries — and predictably, launch into more accusations of being “attacked” by the very grief and responsibilities of others. How dare anyone mourn their loved ones when the narcissist is mourning theirs — the narcissist is being “attacked” by the grief of others, and, well, just, how dare they? Thus, they cry louder, yell harder, shout anyone down who dares to “attack” their narcissistic organization of disorder.

This is good news. The Democrats again choose narcissism over leadership.

I call that good news because it helps that most of us can now focus on choice among competing conservatives, Republicans, for solutions and leave the narcissists to battle through their own tears, about their own tears, and nary the twain will meet.

From yesterday’s FOX News, Hannity & Colmes broadcast, on which narcissist Laura Costas of Code Pink belched her tirade upon the world:

Ellis Hennican (a brief guest commentary visit on that broadcast with these remarks, among others): We shouldn’t question the motives of Cindy Sheehan any more than we should question the motives of Mrs. Pruitt (the lady with 4 sons in Iraq).

Hannity: Nice try, Ellis. I’m not buying it. Let’s indeed question the motives of both women. I will bet any amount of money that Mrs. Pruitt is simply a military wife and mom who is motivated by nothing but patriotism. I bet she gets NO funding from the RNC, MoveAmericaForward, etc. And let’s see who it is that funds Cindy Sheehan (Ed. Note: funding for the “Cindy Sheehan” protest, events and camp/s comes from Code Pink, Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s fame and the Crawford Peace House (pro-Palestinian worldwide organization of the Crawford facility and other similar “houses”), among others almost probably (predictable others in media) — but careful readers will review who funds those funders to gain a better understanding of why Cindy Sheehan reveals herself to be, in her own words, “a spark chosen by the universe to ignite,” the very ideal of any narcissist, anywhere, as in, “I’m chosen, I’m omnipotent, I can ignite/burnup/command/cause, even destroy the world!”).

Hannity continues…”Let’s also look at both women’s friends, and who it is they spend their time with.”

I’ll have more about that later this evening. I hope that Hannity will, too.

Read “CINDY SHEEHAN’S FRIENDS” by Robert Novak for starters; and, “CINDY SHEEHAN’S SUPPORTERS” from the Washington Post.

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  1. epador says:

    If making fun of the mentally ill was not such a repugnant activity, I’d recommend using a picture of the southbound end of one of your northbound equines instead of or superimposed upon her face. ;-)

    Sorry about broken links and such, having trouble uploading to my new ISP. Still working on it.

  2. -S- says:

    Yah, well, I tried to go with ~a complimentary photo~.

    Hey, your photos are great…I love the Iclandic glacier image, eh? Among all those midair refuelings. Pretty niice, epador.

  3. -S- says:

    Uploading images…a really great ftp program is available from IPSWITCH (they offer a 30-day free trial, and you can download the program here [whatever version you need, but the individual use/home use version is excellent], use it as much as needed, before purchase but it’s well worth their asking price).

    Just in case that’s posing a problem to you. When I first started building websites, the ftp issue posed the biggest problem due to, I found in retrospect, not using an easy (thus, excellent) ftp program. Ipswitch’s is very good.

  4. -S- says:

    They-who-must-not-be-named just can’t have anything anyway by any one for any reason. “Remove the troops,” “send the troops,” “where are the troops,” “not enough troops,” “go away troops,” “leave us alone, troops,” there’s no end to the lack of decision, contrariness, absurdity and lack of forethought.

    The anti-Israel message by she-who-must-not-be-named indicates the actual intention, message, and on a spiritual level (much less the psychological wreckage) she’s/they reveal what they intend and why…all the rest is fodder, probably most of it is fodder for self promotional purposes by the groups involved.

    I’ve been away all week and only now catching up…it’s taking a while just to read up on my two/three favorite sites!

  5. epador says:

    Thanks. I came back to this to mention that now “she-who-must-not-be-named” has called for a troop pull out of NOLA.

    Someday I’ll get the time to follow through on all this!

  6. BIRD says:


    Keep up, read THE BUZZ. LATER EDIT: Image now revised, please see newer graphic with file sizes available, next most current thread (“DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME”)….

  7. BIRD says:


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