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From Florida Cracker, and from Mickey’s Musings, this CARNIVAL OF THE DOGS, to honor the dear canines among us — they sure deserve it.

I don’t have a dog at the moment, much to my pained loss, but I do have a number of favored dog photos and view them often. And will have another dog soon, I’m sure.

Among some of my favorite dog photos…


BD14791_.gif Hilltops from The Snowy Mountains of Australia…


BD14791_.gif These doggies/dawgies in Montana…


BD14791_.gif “Are you gonna eat that?”
Protecting campers from overeating in the Colorado Rockies…


BD14791_.gif Beaulah the Catahula, Cubbie the Australian Cattle Dog and Jeep, a Schipperke and Terrier cross who thinks he’s ten feet tall do a good day’s work on the Saddle Iron Ranch, CO


BD14791_.gif Sailor the Bernese Mountain Dog loves the snowy mountains near Ft. Collins, CO…


BD14791_.gif Bosco, the Weimaraner, waiting for his family in the Mile High Weimaraner Club

Update: see the DOG! DOG! DOG! photo pool at flickr. Wonderful.


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  1. -S- says:

    Yeah, they are just great dogs. But, then, they all are, ha. But, Bosco’s a really, really great dog, you’re right. A lot of Weimaraner’s don’t do well with pet cats, though, since they aggressively pursue anything that runs awaaaay.

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  3. Donnah says:

    That Weimaraner’s too much. To me they always look like they’re made out of velvet.

  4. I think the bovine version is “dogie” with only one “g” and, consequently, a long-sounding “o” as in hope.

    Hi ti yi git along little dogies,
    It’s your misfortune and none of my own.
    Hi ti yi git along little dogies,
    You know that Wyomin’ will be your new home.

  5. -S- says:

    I was making it clear for the flatlanders, is all, and all the rest o’ you Eastern Slopers…that’d be “city folk” to those of us of elsewhere.

    To be correct to a point of finality, however, it’s actually DAWGIES.

    As in, “get along, little dawgies…” and pronounced similarly, as in, “DAHHW-geez” with a hard “g”.

  6. -S- says:

    Still lunch and somethin’ to chase for dogs everywhere (and some of us humans, too). What’s important is what those there big red and white steaks sound like to dogs. I think it’s probably, “get some.”

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