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BD21423_.gif Earlier, I wrote about my very bad experience with the dishonest — and technically incompetent — web hosting (so they allege) service called Web Intellects (“ANOTHER BAD WEBHOST…” and “WEB INTELLECTS AND THEFT“).

Today I received a collection notice from some company who was suckered into the Web Intellects dishonesty for services Web Intellects didn’t deliver, I didn’t use and for their charges that were not paid by my bank at my bank’s determination based upon my bank’s determination that Web Intellects was attempting fraudulent charges…for services I did not receive, were not delivered and for which they were not owed.

Avoid Web Intellects. Read my earlier comments about them if interested beyond this, however, any web host whose servers go dark daily without explanation (“your web site is up now so is there anything we can help you with” was their last few months’ foolishness if/when I reported ongoing daily web site downage), combined with a plethora of viruses delivered daily through their mail server (“our viral definitions need to be updated but we don’t know yet when that’s going to take place”), combined with the final very, very bad behavior of submitting charges to my bank after I closed my account — Web Intellects way of saying “damn your patronage” when I closed my account one day and their “damn you” charges were submitted the next day after all content was off their servers — and now a collection activity on charges they are not even owed…I think what I found was a thugfest in San Diego and all that just because I paid their bills every month and tolerated their very, very bad attitudes and even worse services, if that’s what you can call abuse by web host.

I’ve read about some bad experiences on the internet by bad web hosts but Web Intellects is undoubtedly what you’d call thieves with rinky dinky hardware and infected software and very bad human behavior.

BD21423_.gif This consumer is not passive about fraud. Some people ruin the internet and unfortunately, Web Intellects is among those who do. My task is to try and pray for some really evil people with some very bad servers, grubbing away at other people’s credit cards when and how they can. I’ll pray later.

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  1. -S- says:

    I was prepared for your comments to be sarcastic, insincere, and yet find that your ISP is, in fact, among the BRUIN network (UCLA range, although the fake email address is a problem).

    So, thanks for not being insincere and for recognizing the worth of consumers — that includes me — sharing their experiences with corrupt ‘business’ folks in the country, and outside it.

    Problem with U.S. based thieving, and those who use the internet for to exercise their bad behaviors, is that they give a bad name to our American commercial climate in general AND they are the bane of the internet, no different than spammercrud from wherever.

    Web Intellects never has substantiated their “charge” in writing, and nor mailed any written substantiation through the U.S. Mail (no surprise there, I now realize), but I suppose they are accustomed to stealing money unbridled from consumer bank/credit accounts and then keeping most of it afterward, given that consumers have very little recourse other than a polite “please return my money” — which is never responded to anyway, thus, the thieves stock up at consumers’ expense.

    Had Web Intellects grabbed my purse on the street and absconded with my wallet, it’d been no different than what they’ve attempted to do here: trying for charges on a closed account (mine) that was paid in full when it was closed, then a full day later trying to charge me for another month of service long after my content was removed from their server (if you can call it that, given their rinkydink technology).

    I hope other consumers can take note and learn from my bad experience with this awful organization, Web Intellects. I always DID wonder about the name, anyway.

  2. cheese2005 says:

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  3. Joe says:

    You are classic. Please feel free to remove this to avoid the pointing out of your over emotional postings. You complain on this page and then here you praise:

    Hey. Here is one for you. Maybe it is you? Maybe all these host that suck really isn’t their issue but it is yours. Look in the mirror. Last I heard there are strict laws for proper collection and reporting of accounts. With that being said, I am sure they are only trying to collect on the fact you probably owe them money. Hence a little bitterness on your end ……..

  4. -S- says:

    Joe, whoever you are(*):

    No, I’m not going to remove those comments you’ve just written here because they do point out that I made a very good effort as a nice person who innocently and trustingly tried to use services that I paid for.

    As I’ve already written here and earlier, following is more to edify this issue — but thanks, “Joe,” for the opportunity to repeat it and help get the word out in relationship to Web Intellects behavior and now yours in relationship with them.

    My account with Web Intellects was paid and I closed my account; and, yet, they attempted to charge additional monies to me AFTER all proprietary content was removed from their servers, for services they did not provide to me, nor which were used by me, since I had since relocated to another and very excellent webhost. Web Intellects attempted theft and their attempt to access money from me was declined based upon the presumption of fraud in their behavior. It has yet to be explained or substantiated to me in writing that Web Intellects is owed any additional monies nor has Web Intellects explained why they attempted to access additional monies from me after my account was closed.

    What I find interesting at this hour is why you would appear here after your search for “Web Intellects” on MSM and try to defend a thief and then ridicule someone (me) for complaining about theft — your tracks in my webstats reveal who you are and how you arrived here.

    There’s no “bitterness” involved in my perspective about the attempted ripoff by Web Intellects any more than I feel “bitter” that a pickpocket once stole a twenty dollar bill from my pocket in a Long’s Drug Store in Kihei, HI. I also looked with a smile at that thief before she ran away in shame after I then noticed her thieving. Web Intellects managed to thoroughly ruin any initial confidence I displayed when a new customer, and after so many of their server failures, I opted to depart their questionable organization after paying my bill.

    Web Intellects sent me objectionable emails and I asked them instead to submit to me any further correspondence — after I departed their servers — to me in writing, sent through the U.S. Mail. They did not respond to that request. I owed them nothing at the time of my closure of my account and owe them nothing now so there’s no opportunity for bitterness but there is opportunity to share again why Web Intellects Sucks, that other consumers can avoid a bad web host such as Web Intellects is.

    Web Intellects is not only a thief but also technically inept — both are intolerable in any service provider, much less otherwise. Web Intellects’ server/s failed nearly daily and after over two dozen site-down experiences, I started asking and asking very nicely as to why. No explanation other than “your site is up now so let us know if there is anything we can help you with.”

    No offers to refund, no credits for hosting payments made by me regularly and quite expensively for only about two percent of my site resources. No apologies. No gestures to remedy not providing me with services that they were paid for. No indications as to whatever their technical failures might be remedied other than that my “site (was) relocated to another server” and yet that other server behaved similarly badly, site still down, at least one full hour each week. Each WEEK. No explanations, no credits, continued failures.

    I rarely used the email on that domain (the one “Joe” used to forge his comments here) because whenever I did, I’d find dozens upon dozens of viral-laden messages. Thanks to Norton, not downloaded to my system and deleted unread. But Norton recorded those many problematic emails and when I eventually asked of Web Intellects, also nicely, what the problem was, the randy technical response was to close my email and that they’d monitor it from their servers, AND let it slip that their viral defintions were “out of date but we don’t know when the guy is coming to update them…” and explained that there server/s also handled their email (no separate email server/s), such that they thought that was some excuse for the many viral-laden messages being passed along by their ineffective filtering. Mumble, mumble, shared servers…mumble, mumble…

    Even then I waited patiently and paid my bills. I started reporting each outage, even those I’d been tolerating (more “site down” times, began to occur just about daily for anywhere from twenty minutes to forty minutes daily), and their “technical” guy became increasingly irate at the reports. Not at the outages, not at their server failures, but at the reports about their server failures.

    Obviously, not a nice group of intelligent people. Not even friendly people.

    I don’t know about you, “Joe”-at-the-fake-email-address-forging-my-domain-with-your-creepy-comments-here-from-your-location-on-Adelphia-Cable, but, you are among a very few humans who would find my initial niceness about a webhost and positive expectations written about them to be a negative. I mean, writing good things about a webhost, expecting good things to come…that seems like a good thing to most people, not something that merits criticism.

    And, yet, you never criticize Web Intellects for theft nor for failed services for which they were paid, and paid very well, by me. You chose to forge headers inorder to comment here and to ridicule me because a bad organization abused my confidence and good will, not to mention budget. Your behavior gives you away and what it reveals about you is not good.

    Thieves are thieves. Resources and/or finances (same thing) stolen by thieves, followed by harassment and whatever can be done to demean whoever points out thieves’ awful behavior…it’s the stuff of very bad behavior and I am only too happy to share with anyone reading what my bad experience was with Web Intellects and that Web Intellects (and you, from what you write) are bad people proliferating bad deeds. Web Intellects is a thief and attempted to take from me monies that did not belong to them AFTER my account was closed; as if that wasn’t bad enough, they are bad people based upon how they responded to me closing my account with their display of vengeance and retaliation, and yet no written evidence to substantiate their allegations. It makes no sense in business, nor in interpersonal relationships.

    So, “Joe,” I’ll leave these comments for everyone else to read along with these comments of mine in response to yours but I will ban you afterward. Your comments will live on for future refernce, along with your Adelphic Communications I.P.A., Pacific Coast location, in this blog as very readily observable evidence that you are a complete jerk. I mean that, in all sincerity: anyone who would write the crud that you just have in a total stranger’s blog (or anyone’s, for that matter) is really crawling. I feel very sorry for your misery.

    P.S.: And Web Intellects is still a thief. The giant sucking sound you imagine, “Joe,” is thieves railing against those who identify them, just as you have so railed. I think you might consider what and who it is you attempt to defend, along with why you must forge information in a supposed-stranger’s website inorder to participate there/here.

    Enjoy your one second of spew on my blog because there won’t be any more.

    (*)I am best-guessing that you are employed by a collection agency, given your immediate attempts to justify collection behavior. Among those behaviors prohibited by law is harassing anyone who has already informed you that they won’t accept harassment and/or intimidation. You lose.

    For anyone interested, “Joe”‘s I.P.A. is:

  5. -S- says:

    To further deflate “Joe”‘s crass suggestions, backups were maintained of the site while hosted on Web Intellects, complete with notes as to server failures. I hosted another blogger free of charge while with Web Intellects and he maintained a cron backup of the experience at it’s worst. I have paid account history readily available with respective service dates. I have copies of the correspondence sent to Web Intellects asking about the server failures, and also as to thier unexplained allegations for additional (and still unexplained, unsubstantiated) monies they attempted to obtain after my account was closed. And, the other person hosted on my account by me observed WI bad performance. Hardly an imagined thing, hardly the realm of “emotions” despite “Joe”‘s projections.

  6. joe says:

    I found your site by doing a search. I read some things about my host. No of which I belive 100%. But I will forward this URL to them so they can read it.

    Showing my IP reeks of small time and shows how childish you really are. After reading your many rantings about many host and life in general, I can only guess you are a bitter old single woman, wronged by the world. You will die alone.

    PS – I use dial up. I get new IPs all the time. LOL. You are not too bright.

  7. -S- says:


    Again you post with forged information (forged email address, forged URL), along with obviously intentionally harmful comments here.

    An I.P.A. is identifiable on a network and thus on the internet.

    These last comments of yours are being allowed here to capture the content and to provide other interested persons the ability to read what you’ve written and from where.

    Using the internet, no one is actually “invisible” and that people intent on harming others can be identified.

    Thus, sharing your various I.P.A.s edifies others:

    Your current I.P.A. is: