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Valerie Plame and husband, Joseph Wilson, appearing in an interview — with photographs — in VANITY FAIR magazine, long before Joseph Wilson claims his wife’s “identity as an agent with the CIA was ‘leaked’…” Never was it written more applicable than here: “repulsive in vain glory”.

The obfuscation game by Plame — sunglasses, a head scarf, publicly seen coming and going as an employee in a federal office — begs rather oddly for ‘discovery’. Not that disclosure of a ‘secret agent’s’ identity is not wrong (it is) but that the circumstances surrounding this disclosure — who revealed Valerie Plame to be a secret agent of the CIA first — seems suggestive of espionage itself, as in, “I dare you to discover me while I provide as many clues as possible. Here, let me give you my photograph in an internationally distributed magazine, sitting beside my husband to provide you with more exacting information by which I can be identified…”

From an appearance on CNN with Wolf Blitzer:

RedDotSml.gif Joseph Wilson said — “My wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity.”

RedDotSml.gif Joseph Wilson, during a later appearance on CNN, said, as it is reported — “…he (Wilson) meant to say that his wife lost her ability to be a covert agent because of the leak, not that she had stopped working for the CIA beforehand…his wife’s ‘ability to do the job she’s been doing for close to 20 years ceased from the minute Novak’s article appeared; she ceased being a clandestine officer,’ he said.”

RedDotSml.gif Karl Rove learned from Robert Novak that Valerie Plame — Joseph Wilson’s “wife” as Rove referred to her six days after that conversation with Novak when Rove responded to a telephone call from a reporter from TIME — was employed by the CIA but not that she was “a covert agent”.

RedDotSml.gif Wilson admitted earlier that Novak “outed” his wife’s identity, Rove didn’t know her affiliation or her name, just that she worked with the CIA…and yet…here we go, espionage over there, if anyone listens to Wilson and listened they have among Democrats in the U.S. Senate, when it’s more than likely espionage infects the center of the issue: Wilson.

RedDotSml.gif And, not like many among us citizens haven’t found Joseph Wilson suspect for a while now, all over the internet, for starters:

Roger Simon, July 11, 2004

SLATE (even SLATE!), December 03, 2004

More currently, WIZBANG!, July 15, 2005


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