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Photo: Tony Blair LIVE, July 7, 2005, by ‘kaysha

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Given this morning’s news, my comment from yesterday (“CONGRATULATIONS, LONDON“) seems cryptic.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is now beginning to speak on broadcast live coverage…ensuing

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Later: I appreciated and valued Blair’s brief comments:

“…our desire to defend our values and our way of life is far superior to those who would impose their fanaticism and extremism on all of us…”


To put it bluntly (why not), Al-Qaida is (still, always has been) as*holish, comprised of gullible as*holes. There they are, living by the good graces of citizens of Britain, as with the United States, responding with aberration and hate for all that generosity. There is just no other term for them: as*holes. Desperate as*holes driven insane with as*holishness.

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Moments Later Edit: Tony Blair’s second series of comments, live before the world and the other participants in the G8 Summit, saying:

“…those responsible have no respect for human life…”

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Photos: London Bomb Blast/Pool

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Barbarism in ; and, more, Wizbang

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  1. -S- says:

    Yeah, epador, you said it. Never underestimate the resolve of the ANGLO SAXONS, to rub it in a bit where Howard Dean is concerned, ha

    Now that I think about it, it was Vicente Fox who railed against us Anglo Saxons; Dean probably plagiarized the concept with his “white…party” hate screed about conservatives.

    Seriously, the Brits seem far more prepared for these 7/7 terrorist events than we were back on 9/11; I sense a new wave of determination by a lot of people to bring about an end to this miserable destructive behavior by these miserable terrorists, which is probably not what the terrorists anticipated after the weak response by liberals in Spain.

  2. epador says:

    Not the first time London has been rocked by bombs by terrorists in recent or distant history, and I don’t recall the other side ever getting much of what they wanted other than a severe tanning of their hides. You think some of these folks might pay a little more attention to history…