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Well, not really but it’s as likely as anything Senator Schumer has done recently, and might do, given his declararion of war (upon the country — if not, then, otherwise, upon whom?) about candidates nominated to the Supreme Court.


This is truly endearing, and truly funny:

Nominee John Roberts‘ four-year old son dancing during President Bush’s widely publicized televised announcement about Roberts’ nomination, President Bush’s and Mrs. Roberts’ on-camera “smirk” (so it is alleged) and stern looks, later revealed to be due to the dancing guy before them, cuttin’ his four-year old’s rug off-camera.

And Democrats running with speculations as to irrational explanations about those stern looks, that “smirk.” Oh, to be as irresponsible as Schumer and just declare war on dancing, smirks, “looks” and, well, four year olds. Oh, no, no-o-o, not really.


With thanks to GOPvixen for the photograph and story.

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