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RedSquareSmallDark.gif Not to let this morning’s dreadful events remain unchallenged, there is now becoming a worldwide community committed in opposition to terrorism. Barbarism, thy name is end.

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Read: 10 DOWNING STREET and the full statement made by Prime Minister Tony Blair earlier today.

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Later Edit: a lot of other people are also flying the Union Jack — seeing it at nearly every site I visit in the last hour. Sweet.

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Developing: continue to visit flikr’s “7/7 Community/Photo Pool”

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Read: BBC’s Reporters’ Log for firsthand reports from London, with thanks for the suggestion to Adrian Warnock (glad to read that he and his family are not harmed) UK Evangelical Blog.

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