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RedSquareSmallDark.gif From site stats for my other website (, I found this site, “,” referring traffic (appreciate it, thanks).

To whoever “the guy on eBay” is, the Force is not with you.

I’m not the guy but I’m wondering who the guy is — or was:

RedSquareSmallDark.gif “Insanely Expensive STAR WARS Poster on eBay”

starwars_1977poster.jpg “Some guy on eBay is/was asking $9,995.00 for this original 1977 Star Wars teaser poster, featuring a soon-to-be revised “W” in the now-infamous logo. Not surprisingly, nobody bit. Could this be the most expensive, non-unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia around? And speaking of the Star Wars logo, here’s the personal website of Suzy Rice, the woman that designed it.”

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Another referring site (thanks, appreciate it) is “” — a thread entitled, “May the Type Be With You” — containing an interesting conversation about the introductory text and main title treatment from the first release, “Star Wars, Episode IV,” — since incorporated into the full filmed series, “Star Wars (Episode[s] [All]).

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