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RedXdark.gif I renabled “unregistered commenting” in BIRD without requiring moderation before posting and twenty-eight minutes later, seven zombie comments with bogus e-mail addresses popped up.

I realize many people are busy and some even unknowledgeable about the computing equipment they use, but, from the list I have collected in the last month as to zombie computers worldwide, many folks are really infected. And aggressively gnawing at everyone else because of it.

Any doubts about the numbers of zombies, just ask and I’ll post my list of their IPAs.

RedXdark.gif Among the most contagious: an IPA ( located in the University of Florida’s Computing and Networking Services range ( –, a spewing individual ( with Easynet Hostmaster, London ( –, and endless coughing computers in Spain, Korea, China, Indonesia, Africa, Paris/France, Italy…the disease is worldwide.

And, AOL and Cox Communications do not get a clean bill of health, what with many infected IPAs clawing their way all over the internet being joined with one of those two providers — undoubtedly, users with those nets think it’s O.K. to go ahead and engage intimately with their networks because the nets are “protected” (offering their freebie “security” and “anti viral” programs and such that are not effective for current, evolving threats because they’re not current nor evolved over time to outmatch the ever evolving infectious codes going around — if ever networks were responsible for false advertising, these two are). As with other issues of individual health, it’s the responsibility of the end user as to what steps you take to remain healthy. If someone’s selling themselves based upon the promise of relying on them instead, at least have the wherewithall to know that’s a sales pitch for gratuitous advantage and not a means upon which anyone else can rely for sound function.

As in, know the risks and protect yourself. Otherwise, the infections acquired later go proliferate in the general population. Not to mention it’s offensive to everyone else to have to barricade the doors, windows, yards and garage doors to keep the hacking, coughing and spewing out.

Would that everyone would just use anti-viral and anti-spyware programs that update daily and devote the minor amount of annual money necessary to keep the hardware and software they use mostly bug free. But, from the looks of all the bugs going around, there are many who can’t, won’t, or are just too irresponsible to remain healthy.

RedXdark.gif Get a checkup! Trendmicro’s online scans are a good place to start to see what’s what with your system’s physiology. At least, it’s a diagnosis. If you’re infected — and I know so many are — the least you could do is go offline long enough to get over what’s bugging you and stop coughing all that infection on all the rest of us.

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