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If it’s not theft, what is it?

From yesterday and the day before…I’m still pondering the phenomenon of pirating money for services that aren’t provided — seems that some consider that use of direct nomenclature is offensive, while what I think is offensive are the acts themselves. Theft wears an ugly face, so it deserves it’s ugly word group: theft, thieves stealing.

I realize that calling acts “theft” (and “fraud,” as I have also [other brewing issue here] applied to Cox Communications for sending fraudulent invoices to me, paid but disputed and will remain so to my view) represents strong language. I’m not an attorney, not a member of law enforcement or the judiciary, so the language is descriptive and not representational of a citation or legal ruling. I get to use the vocabulary available to me to describe what I experience and what I’ve experienced recently and at times past is merchants stealing money by fraud or sleight of hand but it’s still theft, and when it’s by way of a document that inaccurately represents a debt owed (but not owed), that’s fraud.

I guess I could tap dance around the elephants in the room, and say that “someone inadvertently accessed my bank account and I haven’t heard so much as an apology, much less an offer to refund or compensate for what’s been taken.”

But that would be too many pretty words to pretty-up ugly deeds that are, until and unless I read, see or hear otherwise, intentional taking of money from me that merchants aren’t owed.

Yes, “theft” and “fraud” are strong words. The offense is odorous, however, and why aid and assist the foul stuff by making it a pleasantry? Coffee talk? Dainty, fresh words for ugly deeds? Would that make the deeds less ugly? No. No, it wouldn’t.

If more consumers shared their down experiences with the down side of commerce, maybe we’d have less victimization by commerce of consumers.

Include the following in my list of bad merchants: Web Intellects (web host) and Cox Communications. No links from me, but they’re easy to locate.

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  1. I empathize. I have just gone through twenty days agony of leaving my last host, trying to find a new one, and republishing all the material.

    For me, this is only the first move, and I have only been blogging for about one-third as long, so I have only about one sixth of your challenges.

    But take heart. I am a member of your fan club.

  2. -S- says:

    Thanks, AD, means a lot to read that.

    About hosts, the one I moved to (, I found via a link on Six Apart’s website — a set of hosts they recommend as those that install Movable Type for you and then also include ongoing program updates as they’re available (meaning, the host manages the MT program for you, all except adding plugins as selected and designing your templates, using them, publishing, etc. — your domain has the MT program installed, just that the host/server management does it for you, which makes it quite great, in my opinion; also ensures an accurate install, since SixApart/MovableType have ensured that those they recommend are capable and able and are installing licensed copies of their program).

    If you want to launch with Movable Type, try one of those (that SixApart/MT recommends). In my case, with AQHost, I selected the one of the group that I could purchase a more expanded hosting plan from and then combined it with thier “blogger” (Movable Type program install and management) plans by asking (I purchased one of their website hosting plans and then asked if they’d be willing to also include the MT deal and they agreed to).

    It only took a working day to get everything exported/imported after a MT program install after I set up my account, so I am so far very pleased with AQHost in that regard. Also have not seen so much as one of those web-site-down experiences that I saw every single day with previous host.

    It’s challenging to find a reliable host — seems largely a trial and error process, at this point. Hope your current selection works out well…sorry to read about your troubles, too, however.

    Always great to hear from you, by the way.