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More about The Minutemen Project and the progress by citizens to increase border security:


“Guadalupe Siordia-Ortiz, a recently naturalized citizen, said she was ‘sad and insulted” by the governor’s support for the Minutemen. ‘We are people who come to this country to work,’ she said. ‘We are not criminals.'”

Assuming Guadalupe Siordia-Ortiz arrived in the United States by legal means, she clearly misunderstands concerns about our national security and border security: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION vs LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Assuming Guadalupe Siordia-Ortiz arrived in the United States by illegal means, she’s admitted by those means that she doesn’t understand the difference, or, understands the difference but disregards the implications of both behaviors upon natonal security.

Glad she’s a citizen now, hope she and others like her can eventually understand why our country has immigration laws and requirements — because she seems to have missed those citizenship lessons in her naturalization process, and is wrongly focused, instead, upon the-end-justifies-the-means (it doesn’t). Illegal immigration negatively impacts worker salaries and conditions nationwide, along with the huge economic impact upon taxpayers for other supports. It seems that, to no avail, regardless of how many times this information is shared, illegal immigration continues and those responsible for it continue to criticize the country with no regard for their own responsibilities creating the problem itself.

I am really pleased that Governor Schwarzenegger is speaking out to possibly assist people like Guadalupe to expand their awareness about immigration as it affects national and border security.

It’s not about immigration, it’s about illegal immigration. You illegally immigrate, you’ve violated the laws of the land. Guadalupe seems to suggest that because she and others “work” after they are here, that whatever means they used to get here were alright, that issues raised as to security and border control are affrontive to her. I’m guessing she immigrated illegally because of that.

It bothers me that Guadalupe defines those in the country working as not being “criminals” and yet can’t correctly apply the term to immigration behaviors. I think she’s uninformed or is attempting to misinform others about who “criminals” are.

Today is “Saint Joseph, the Worker” day among those of us who honor and commemorate the saints.

One thing I do know with certainty about what the Holy Bible has to say about theft, stealing and false witness (lying): God doesn’t approve and He says He judges accordingly.

Illegal aliens complain to and about Americans, we citizens of the U.S.A., when the illegal aliens “break into” our nation, but, the ethical (and moral, if not also religious for those claiming Christian fidelity) violations are on them. No where does God (nor the Catholic Church) say that anyone is not sinning when they lie, cheat and/or steal. “Migrants” do have every human right to migrate at will — to go where they chose, leave where they want — but that does not mean (nor does the Church declare this) that “migrants” have any “right” to violate laws (in/of the U.S. or anywhere else).

Criminality is the characteristic if breaking laws, and worse when it’s done with premeditation (intent to violate the laws, disregard for laws). Sin is the moral, religious violation of God’s laws, God’s Commandments, His Word. So for persons who claim to be Catholic, or Christian, violating the U.S. immigration laws are doubly wrong: criminal and sinful.

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