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I bought “IL DIVO,” the recent recording by the talent-search group result known as, well, IL DIVO.

It’s not — by a universe — in the same territory as is the recorded work by Josh Groban. If you are anticipating in “IL DIVO” a grand work of imaginative musical production and astounding vocal talent, then engage your ears, heart and mind in the works by Josh Groban (“CLOSER” is my best suggestion).

Josh Groban had and hopefully still has the great fortune of David Foster producing his musical recordings. IL DIVO seems to have a talented but uninspired group of session musicians dutifully playingplayingplayingplaying the scores before them on some sort of clocked regularity approaching monotony. That would be “monotony” that is just a mile or so past the turnoff called, “Droning.”

Just saying. If you want inspiration and an immense sound experience that will take you to tears and tears of joy, enjoy Josh Groban and David Foster’s production of Groban as often as you can, and as loudly as possible on the best sound system you can manage. IL DIVO is best on a one-song work on television spots and although I am immensely impressed with the talent of Carlos Marin (baritone, Spain — depicted on the right of the linked cover image), he does appear audibily to be minding the other three, who comprise with him, IL DIVO.

Just wait it out until Josh Groban and David Foster release another recording.

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