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From The San Francisco Chronicle:
“Hunger strike protests anti-immigrant vigilantes

Diana Ponce talks on a phone in the yard of her San Pablo home Wednesday, the fifth day of a hunger strike to protest the gathering of armed volunteers, the Minuteman Project, at the Arizona-Mexico border to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

In all due respect, a hunger strike IN THE FRONT YARD?!?

With bedroom furniture, television, cellular phone and handy boombox in the grass?!? Maybe finish the decor with a big, needless sign that says, “see me“?! What about that rug on the grass!?!

In someone ELSE’S front yard?!!

4 C O M M E N T S

  1. -S- says:

    That poor lawn.

  2. -S- says:

    There’s only water in that igloo! Sweet water. With fruit flavoring. Maybe a Fresca.

  3. bullwinkle says:

    I have several chairs just like that on the front porch and know why she’s on a hunger strike. The tag on them says maximum allowable weight is 220 pounds, she’s quite a bit of fasting from that point. That Igloo cooler kinda makes me think it’ll be a while before that chair will serve any function other than visiting reporter seating.

  4. Rod Stanton says:

    If she strikes for a year she will be a size 9!
    I think she was looking for an excuse to lose a few hundred pounds.