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Picture 758.gif Hispanics or any other race — Caucasian, Asian, Negroid — who lob insults based upon racial characteristics to and about Americans promoting border security and immigration controls, are racists.

What’s racism is: denigrating someone else upon their racial type or what is assumed is a derogatory racial characteristic (of your own race or any other). In this case, certain people want and insist upon continued illegal immigration and certain others of us don’t agree with them — so, we’re allegedly “racist” because we don’t condone illegal immigration. Which is an irrational accusation because concerns about illegal immigration represent objections about behavior, not an assumption about a racial characteristic about which there is an objection.

I hear this insult within the contexts of immigration and border security from, almost always, Hispanics who accuse those of us Americans promoting border security as being “racist,” while they are racist for even bringing racial characteristics into the issues of border security, national security and immigration controls. With Vicente Fox speaking before a world’s audience denouncing what he prejudicially represents as being “Anglo Saxon prejudice,” it’s no surprise that he is therefore rallying equal measures of racism when his enterprises are scrutinized, suggested for modification.

Picture 758.gif That a lot of illegal immigration originates in Mexico is a logistical issue, not a racial one. The racist argument applies when and only when the accusers express their own racism by defining (to themselves) illegal immigration as inherently “Mexican” and/or that people from Mexico are inherently illegal immigrants. Thus, anyone questioning and commenting upon behaviors has to be “racist” to their view by referring to behaviors that are participated in by a particular racial type (and everyone else, but racists always miss that).

If you immigrate illegally into the United States, you’re engaging in illegal immigration. Which defines you as an illegal immigrant while in the United States by illegal means, regardless of from where you originate.

But, racists who may or may not be Hispanics accuse Americans by using this insulting rhetoric every time the worth of defending the U.S. borders is asserted. Every time the value of protecting and controlling our borders is asserted, the country (that would be the “Anglo Saxon” country if you are a racist) is maligned. The border issues are about behavior, not about racial types (but you won’t understand that if you are a racist).

IF and WHEN someone defines illegal immigration based upon racial characteristics, they align with racism. The accusations by some among mostly Hispanics (California’s Fabian Nunez [D-Los Angeles] [location of the offensive “California is now Mexico” billboards] comes to mind here, as do the racial groups he represents and is endorsed by) — that illegal immigration issues equate with racism — the accusations by these defines them as racist, not the problem of objecting to illegal immigration. That the majority of illegal immigration into the U.S. originates in Mexico emphasizes that Mexico has a problem, not that Mexicans (who are a varied racial mix, anyway) are problematic, but that their country is the place from whence the majority of illegal immigration originates. You’d think they’d be concerned about that. You’d think.

Picture 758.gif The accusations themselves define the racial prejudice: a racially prejudicial perspective of defining “Mexicans” as having some racially defined characteristic that compels them to illegally immigrate or that by racial type/genetics alone, “Mexicans” are therefore illegal immigrants.

Again, that is racially prejudiced reasoning by those who make the accusations about Americans who are concerned about our borders. Our borders, our country, concerned as citizens about the place where we live and where many of us were born. That Mexicans or anyone else cannot walk/jump/sail/land into the place without benefit of permissions by the country they plan to use for their own benefit is not an outrageous thing to expect of any nationality of whatever racial type or another. It’s a case of legality versus illegality, behaviors not skin color.

Illegal immigration is illegal activity, from wherever it originates and by whatever means are used to violate existing immigration laws.

Picture 758.gif I appreciate that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed and clarified his supportive opinions about The Minutemen efforts in bringing notice to the ongoing violations along our southern border as to illegal immigration. Poll drop reports serve to assist and enable the illegal immigration issue (in California, particularly) — as do big-ticket union demands — so it is important to examine the sources of these reports and who is making them.

From THE JOHN & KEN SHOW (from whence both images, following, originate), there’s a SIDEWALK PROTEST about the offensive billboard, as follows:

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2005

TV KRCA 62 Station
1845 Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91504

Time: 12noon – 2pm

Offensive Stuff:

Clarifying Stuff:

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  1. Tam says:

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have said it any better than this. Thank you, and I hope a copy of this has been sent to every elected representative of the people in Washington D.C..

  2. -S- says:

    Thank you for such a compliment. You are more than welcome to send copies of what I’ve written (this thread) as long as there are no alterations and the work is accredited, as per my licensing and Copyright requirements.

    I can’t imagine a finer compliment than what you’ve written here, however, and I do thank you for sharing them here.

  3. BIRD says:


    My own comments will be shared later this evening tomorrow (sorry, busy) about the misleadment by the L. A. Times — I’d write “ineptitude” but, in the case of the LATimes, specifically, there appears an intentional editorial characteristic that…

  4. BIRD says:


    Update from Michelle Malkin’s blog… The Save Our State website is a pretty interesting place. And, thanks, SOS, for the excellent work. It’s time for a “Save Our U.S.A.” website, too. Previous: “What’s Racism, Is:”…