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What I find most surprising in these following statements is that David Geffen is going to “blog” on a site that’s entitled “Huffington Reports” and not, at least, “Geffen Presents…” or maybe even, “from David Geffen, the Geffen Huntington Report, a work by David Geffen.”

I wonder if they’ll maintain comments sections.

I bet none of them blogs without “help.”

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Huffington to launch site with a cast of bigwigs


“In a move unlikely only because it’s taken this long to happen, pundit-about-town Arianna Huffington is extending her hosting largess to the blogosphere.

“This month the wannabe California governor is launching a Slate-like Web site where a cast of bigwigs, including Sen. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.), David Geffen, Barry Diller, Larry David, Tom Freston, Ari Emanuel, Jim Wiatt, Tina Brown and Harold Evans will each have their own blog from which to spout Big Thoughts about politics.

“Huffington wouldn’t comment,
(NOTE: imagine the contradictions in that expression alone)
but it was confirmed that a soft-launch of the Huffington Report would be up and running before the end of April.

“It will be interesting to see how these honchos fare in the Wild West of the ‘Net, where contentious, or even off-hand remarks are seized upon within seconds by millions and held up for debate (and often scorn) on scores of Web sites. Or even if Diller or Geffen will actually type their thoughts…”

We’re waiting with bated breath, I tell ya’. Really, the tension is so thick it’s like buttah

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