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The Schiavo Port-Mortem” from

“The University of Miami has released some interesting court papers related to the Terri Schiavo murder…”

Review of the papers by DJ Drummond can be found at Polipundit but among the most interesting and noteworthy are these:


1. The hospice repeatedly claimed that Terri Schiavo was unable to feel pain, but admitted that on each occasion where the feeding tube was removed, “morphine, ativan, tylenol, and compazine” were all administered, which is only done to alleviate pain and suffering

2. The hospice noted that Michael Schiavo’s stated assets were $29,000 in October 1992, $139,000 in April 1996, and $776,000 in July 2002, after which time his financial assets were sealed by Judge Greer.

3. There were nine reports of “Collateral Communication” made as part of hospice investigations into allegations. Only two allegations, the exploitation claim made by Michael against the Schindlers and the police involvement in the unexplained injections, received any sort of follow-up or witness corroboration. In seven of nine cases, the hospice made no attempt to verify claims or obtain witness statements.

The papers can be found here:

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