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POPE JOHN PAUL II, 1920-2005

EWTN has an excellent series of sites available about Pope John Paul II. My contribution this day is to thank God in prayer and word and deed for the remarkable person God created in John Paul II, the remarkably wonderful Pope that He created in John Paul II, and for the remarkable Heaven that awaits us all as believers as was and is John Paul II.

It’s not a day for sadness but a day of thanksgiving and mercy. God’s kindness is here. The challenge is in taking up that gift and sharing it with others — the very nature of kindness as garment: non removable, not as mask or performance but as our very covering.

Kindness is not gullibility, lack of character, lack of strength, it is not a weakness. Pope John Paul II led our human world from a brink of darkness through and into one of beginning toward the Light and it is that this day that I praise God for, that there are still some humans grown beyond our world toward Heaven. And now there.

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