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Very worthwhile source for and interesting article on the Papal Transition, from American Magazine, and best of all, it’s an article without the misleading jeers and awful misstatements of fact (those’d be ‘lies’) by what is the unfortunate standard from mainstream media about the Catholic Church and it’s processes, plans, beliefs and positions.

I was reading, aimlessly in retrospect, an article from AP (“Pope Leaves Behind Struggling U.S. Church“) that makes the outrageously wrong ‘report’ that, oh-woe-of-woes-the-Catholic-Church-has-lost-attendance-by-an-inaccurate-number-of-millions-so-says-the-AP, and it suggests some level of desperation and inevitable altering of Catholic, Christian beliefs in order to service the world, to bend to what it is that would be most popular and popularly endorsed (which is why AP then works in the oh-woe-the-loss-of-attendance-thing, however inaccurate but ever so crafty), while nothing can be farther from the truth.

Read Dawn Eden‘s friend’s statements (among others), these words by Dimitri Cavalli written on Dawn’s blog Sunday:

Sunday, April 03, 2005
The Passing of Greatness
My friend Dimitri Cavalli writes:

I choked back tears during 5:30 Mass earlier when we prayed, “Eternal rest, grant onto him, Oh Lord…”

Here’s something I learned last week. When John Paul II was elected in 1978, there were 563 million Catholics in the world out of a total population of about four billion. As of 2004, there were 1.1 billion Catholics out of six billion overall. Under the pope’s leadership, the size of the Church has nearly doubled.

Growth has been strong everywhere — even in Europe (where there are 100 million more Catholics today than in 1978) and the United States, where the number of Catholics surpassed the number of mainline Protestants not too long ago.

How did he do it? He followed Christ’s dictum, “Go teach all nations.” He had a simple, uncompromising message, and millions of people, young and old, responded to it, leaving the elites puzzled.

Then there is the Associated Press, for starters. Who knows just why they write such inaccuracies (that’d be, ‘lies’), but they do, as to the Pope, the Church, anything associated with “Catholic”.

UPDATE, 04/04/05: Bill O’Reilly, on today’s broadcast, is referring to “the stats, I’ve got the stats right here…” as to his position that Catholic attendance and otherwise support for the Catholic Church (at least, “in America”) has radically declined, is declining.

His “stats, I’ve got the stats right here…” repeated comments were also without definition as to what those “stats” were, the source of them. So, it’s a mystery to me as to what “stats” he had in his hands, right there, or even what those “stats” even define or do not.

However, to O’Reilly’s credit, he used his ‘declining’ “stats” reference to arrive at the conclusion that the “mainstream media in America” is responsible for his suggested “declining church attendance” in reference to the “Catholic Church…in America.”

I agree with that, and that is that there is a concerted and quite Liberally Left insistence that Christian — particularly Catholic — religious faith and religious reasoning (I’m writing about that later this night) are ridiculous and in need of being expended from our “Western society” — that attitude and insistence populates most of academia and most of those employed by and in media. Thus, they report their limited vision, their highly prejudiced perspectives: negation of the Church, which is to the detriment of Western culture, certainly not to it’s advantage.

However, about O’Reilly’s “stats…”, I don’t know to what he referred on today’s broadcast and he didn’t explain. All I can do is write about personal experience and I’ve yet to attend a Catholic Church in this America of ours that was not and is not still over-attended, standing room only and all. Maybe the media ought to try attending Catholic Mass themselves to get a first-hand and accurate view of what it is they are otherwise writing nonsense about.

Because, when someone is fixed in a closed perspective and surrounded with others of similar closed perspectives (makes for what is called “a closed society” as to what most among today’s American Left are — a self-affirming “village” process that is based upon denying all else — it’s an easy conclusion to reach and that is that all is as everyone around you insists that it is. And the boundary is established and maintained: whatever is outside the boundary is “bad”.

And then one leaves the village. And the creation around the village is not at all what the village knows, accepts, understands or even admits exists. The village is Liberalism. Creation is the rest of us and so much more.

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