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Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, release trailer.

May 19th release of the film, in case you missed that. ~;-D

I’m remaining out of the politics of the film, the depicted pro and antogonists throughout the entire series — given the disparate political party affiliations by many affiliated with the filmed works from us conservatives — and would prefer to continue to focus on the Star Wars series from a literary perspective. As literature, and after the film’s release, I’ll write more about that: the concepts of “Light” and “Dark” as master (literary archtype) “forces” inherent to the entire series by George Lucas provides a lot of material for to discuss.

A subnote about what I refer to as “the politics of the (filmed series)”: hate mail (well, what else is it) I’ve received from past acquaintances (entertainment industry, so far) who associate my Christain beliefs as “part of the dark side” based upon a trendiness by some (among liberals) allegeging that to be conservative (and Christian) is indicative of inherent negativity to their polarized relativistic perspective (I marvel at their imprudent comingling of those concepts). And they seem to share a reliance upon references to “the force” from Star Wars’ Series in those efforts, with the exception that they misapply the two polarities: dark as light, light as dark.

Which is contrary to the literary content itself. Or, rather, perhaps well foretold by the content, the very premise upon which the character of Darth Vader is based: false light (and from that, all the rest: pain, suffering, distortions, deceipt, loss, the whole litany of misery).

Meanwhile, I’m as eager as most to see Episode III.

An early opinion is available from libertas.

also, by way of libertas, a link to this interview by WIRED with George Lucas, “Life After Darth.”

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