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Screen Capture, April 19, 2005

I am exceedingly grateful this day that we have our new Pope Benedict XVI, an evangelist for the academics among our doubting world, a wonderful intellectual with a remarkable dedication to Holy Scripture. While Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict was my favorite candidate for to follow Pope John Paul (and it now is clear tht he has been also the favored by many others). Pope Benedict brings to us immense leadership in these complex times by complex principles with complex and well reasoned character. No surprise that the media is straining to denegrate this great man.

Reading this article from today, noting the quotes that are non-enthusiastic about Pope Benedict as person, it is for the very reasons of these objections that Pope Benedict is the right choice for our time. The idea that a Pope should be named based upon regional preferences, cultural and racial preferences, or because the Church and Scripture should be modified to adopt “progressive” characteristics, accommodate increased “progressive” ideology, no, those are the false prospers, pretenses even. And exactly not the inspirations upon which our Pope — any Pope — should be chosen.

The mere fact that many among the media (FOX News has remained faithfully informative and I really appreciate their coverage of these past few weeks, and particularly when compared with the other sources) this evening are grasping for exaggerations and vile insinuations about a truly wonderful leader for the Catholic Church is, to my view, a good indication that Pope Benedict is the right man for the right reasons: to confront the confusion, to refresh reasons of faith, to ease a troubled subset of humanity out of their pain of misinformation.

Update: “Andrew Sullivan Is An Ass”

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  1. See also the picture [MathMan] found in the Italian press, poking fun at the Pope for his German background. April 22 post at the American Daughter Media Center.

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  2. -S- says:

    I’ll go take a look; it appears that the U.K. and U.S. tabloid ‘press’ are the most outofwhack about the Church so they’re also the least reality based about Pope Benedict.

    And, no surprise, that reflects the concentrations in media where you find the most offensive and outoftouch perspectives: ‘The Pope’s Catholic, OMG!!” and such.

    I read an article yesterday that included an interview with Pope Benedict’s brother — who still lives in Germany — and the brother related how that his brother (now Pope Benedict) never had any choice in his youth-decades enrollments, that the group that is causing some people the most upset was something that “all German youth” were REQUIRED to join, so not like a child or even a teen had much choice in the matter.

    I’ll go find a link and return with it here…

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  3. -S- says:

    I’m reprinting two entire articles here just because they’re so worthy (and the articles tend to disappear over time from the URLs) — and, the first reprint, following, is from one of the wire services (so it isn’t like they tend toward erring on the side of conservatives, is my point); another point that I hold as to personal opinion about this issue is it’s reflective of an unusual level of mutual trust and responsibility that Jewish media and spokespersons are speaking out on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI, while it is ONLY highly liberal (as in, HIGHLY liberal, far left, if not hysterically fictional tabloidesque content providers) who are trying to press this wrongful meme about the Pope as being that which he is not (aligned with German Socialist Party past):

    Last update – 18:48 22/04/2005
    By Reuters

    VATICAN CITY – Jewish leaders praised Pope Benedict’s swift and firm commitment to follow in his predecessor’s path of Catholic-Jewish reconciliation, saying it was “a very powerful signal” for the future.

    “I trust in God to help me continue the dialogue and strengthen the collaboration with the sons and daughters of the Jewish people,” Benedict said in a message to Rome’s Jewish community on Thursday night, only two days after his election.

    “This was a pleasant surprise because of the speed with which the new Pope wanted to send such an important message of continuity,” Rome’s Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni said on Friday. “I think this will send a very powerful signal to Catholics around the world.”

    Pope John Paul II revolutionized Catholic relations with Jews. He made a historic visit to Rome’s synagogue in 1986 and called Jews “our beloved elder brothers”.

    He also led the Vatican into forging diplomatic ties with Israel, visited the Jewish state in 2000 and mentioned Rome’s former Chief Rabbi, Elio Toaff, in his last will and testament.

    In his autobiography, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said he and his brother were both enrolled in the Hitler Youth when membership was obligatory. But his biographers say he was never a member of the Nazi party and his family opposed Hitler’s regime.

    “I really did not have any doubts about continuity because this Pope was always side by side with John Paul on matters of doctrine,” Di Segni said.

    John Paul was also the first Pope to visit Nazi concentration camps and repeatedly told Catholics that anti-Semitism was a sin against God.

    “It was something special for the new Pope to go out of his way to send his message so quickly,” Rabbi David Rosen, who heads inter-faith relations for the American Jewish Committee, said from Jerusalem.

    Papal commitment

    Rosen said the new Pope’s commitment to good relations with Jews was rooted in his life in Germany, where he grew up under the rule of Adolf Hitler and saw anti-Semitism first hand.

    “Pope Benedict XVI is truly committed to the struggle against anti-Semitism and prejudice and he has said this so many times, reflecting his own background under this heinous evil and understanding its potency,” Rosen said.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group, has also recognized Ratzinger’s anti-Nazi roots.

    “The new Pope, like his predecessor, was deeply influenced by the events of World War Two. As a child, Pope Benedict XVI grew up in an anti-Nazi family. Nonetheless, he was forced to join the Hitler Youth movement,” the group said this week.

    John Allen, who wrote a biography of Ratzinger entitled “Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican’s Enforcer of the Faith”, quoted him as saying his father’s criticism of the Nazis meant the family had to move home four times.

    Rosen said the new Pope had a deep understanding of how anti-Semitism was bound up in the complex history of the Church.

    “I think we can be very confident that he will be resolute in condemning anti-Semitism and doing all he can to combat it,” Rosen said.

    Di Segni, Rome’s Chief Rabbi, was asked if he hoped the new Pope would visit the capital’s synagogue just across the River Tiber from the Vatican.

    “Let’s give him time to get settled,” he said. “It will depend on the new Pope’s style.”

    Today in Italy
    Special service by AGI on behalf of the Italian Prime Minister’s office


    (AGI) – Vatican city, Apr. 21 – Young Joseph Ratzinger did not belong to Hitlerjugend or other Nazi organizations. Don Georg, 81 years old, who has been Kapellmeister of Regensburg said that his brother was obliged, as everybody did, to serve Germany during world war II but he did not mix up with Hitlerjugend. Don Georg said: “Be careful before saying that he is a conservative it won’t be like this”. In an interview to Avvenire daily, Geog gives a new image of pope Benedict XVI. “He is very attentive and tries to understand other people” he said. “They say that my brother is a cold, detached person, who does not take part in emotions but it is not true. He is very sweet and warm in the depth and lives feelings strongly”. Yesterday, former prefect of the congregation for clergy, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, after the unexpected first exit of the pontiff said that the pope was sweet and simple. Georg also said that Joseph Ratzinger’s main quality was not force but courage and the deep love for truth that must be always served. “Joseph is very serene, while I’m not happy. The papacy will be a great burden for him. It is a cross that he must carry”, he said. Georg Ratzinger also remembered their childhood. They lived in a “very religious family”. He also remembered Joseph’s desire to become priest of Jesus Christ. Joseph was a diligent child at school but he was also able to joke and play; his brother said that they played and had a lot of fun even if they were hard times and there were not many reasons to be happy. Georg said that when he heard on TV that his brother was elected pope he was stunned. He was conscious that he had lost a brother who was donated to the Church. Georg is worried because he fears that his contacts with his brother will be less regular. “We talk by phone two o three times a week but he is the pope and it will be more difficult. But he reassured me and said me to do not worry because we will meet again” he said . Georg will be in Rome on Sunday for the inauguration ceremony and they will meet again in Cologne for the world day of young people. Their faithful maid, Frau Agnes Heindl, is waiting for the pope too. She cooks for him vegetable soups and apple strudels. Agnes confirmed that the pope loved cats and music. He adores Beethoven and Mozart too. “He loves cats, he stokes them. They are at their ease with him” Georg said.

    (AGI) – 211424 APR 05 COPYRIGHTS 2002-2003 AGI S.p.A.