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Or: The Year of the Antithesis



Terry McAuliffe says — we have to suspend our disbelief of both good taste and reality here inorder to give him and Democrats any credit, any at all — that “… “[Republicans] go to New York and spend four days ripping our face off…” as, meanwhile, Dan Rather accredits his academic dishonesty as an issue of “civil rights” “payback,” Democratic Party spokespersons (mostly Dean campaigners) scream out everywhere that newly annointed Chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean is not “a liberal” but is, actually, “a conservative to moderate, while “Democrats Demand Bush Halt Attacks on Reid” and John Kerry continues to opine that “(his) full military record has been made public” while he has yet to sign Form 180 (and to, therefore, make available to us public his “full military record”).

If we can even tip over far enough without all falling down, inorder to believe any or any part of all that, we would be weighted down with if not upside down by the terrible reality that, among liberals, only a Democrat can call everyone else “Hitler,” “eichmanns” and worse. Perhaps that’s their standard of being nice and the bad words are yet to come. Howard Dean and campaigners referring to Biblical concepts while avoiding the source of Biblical concepts is so much hot air that it is antithesis. Yeeaargh, the year of false witness.

Wing tip to Wizbang.

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