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Mysteriously, an entire entry I wrote and dinged to “Save” just disappeared, along with my server connectivity. Going back, refreshing, nothing worked: parched landscape o’ blog before me as far as I could see, all three feet or so from my glasses to my DELL Monitor.

What I wrote and am going to write again but with a now paused, retrogressed and refreshed perspective is this: I am removing BIRD from the Ecosystem process.

The whys are this and they don’t exist in any negative land, no harmful feelings that are painful for me to write nor should be for anyone to read, so, please, don’t assume anything’s contrary here or upsetting to some apple cart o’ bloggage. It’s just a decision I’ve reached as a lone author about how I want to manage what I write.

I am sympathetic to the problems I’ve read as explained by the Ecosystem the Ecosystem and have been for a long while now, even before the recent spate of issues — but what I had was one URL when I hosted on one server and then, although I moved the same URL to another server, I also implemented MovableType and that changed my main index file extension, eliminating any “/index.html” file that the first server (and then-in-use Blogger) accommodated.

I wrote to many of the hundreds of sites that linked to BIRD who the Ecosytem failed to capture after my server and publishing relocations and most sites made manual corrections to their links to my site, but the Ecosystem after first eliminating links to BIRD then also dropped sites who correctly and corrected links to BIRD. My site changes are “new” no longer but they are the only aspects to my site that I can see may have posed a problem. Other than that, it’s inaccurate referencing that’s followed.

Because, over the last few weeks, I’ve seen the already skewed, inaccurate stats on the Ecosystem for this site continually eroded down to something under one hundred links. Which isn’t, not at all, accurate but it remains confounding and misleading and looks like this site has lost readership (at least references) to other sites, while it has not. My site stats reflect growing reader numbers.

All things considered, I am no longer sure that the Ecosystem is an accurate reference for all blogs. If it’s inaccurate to my own level of proof for this one blog, it’s potentially inaccurate for all blogs, is my point. After months of seeking some resolution to ongoing errors there, and the errors appearing to expand rather than retract, I’m removing BIRD from that process.

But, the entire think-through about this issue has given me some reason to reconsider how this blog site is configured in other areas. The Ecosystem provides an interesting possibility to comparatively view an inaccurate, I believe, non comparison, which is, then, fantasty in nature. You get to see what a process has composed as a might-be maybe. And it misleads people when they don’t have a fantasy process in expectations and perceptions, but assume what they read represents who-is-reading-what-and-who-poses-what-reference-to-whom.

I realize I could be wrong. I know that I’m not wrong about the sites I visit that still display links to this site but which are not included or have been removed from being included recently in the Ecosystem “stats” for this site. Meaning, I can verify some of my own links when I know sites that link to mine, but the Ecosystem removes the links or fails to capture them. My “status” on the Ecosystem has “dropped” in the last two weeks from something around four-hundred-plus links to something under one-hundred and it’s either than I’m suddenly grown very impopular or that the Ecosystem is unreliable and I don’t know which is worse: insincere bloggers or inaccurate stats about them.

I’m also going to pair down the permanent links (next day or so) in BIRD because it works better what I intend as an author; if you see a link removed from BIRD and want it maintained instead, please feel free to write to me and so express your interest — mutual links are good.

I’ve never been one to follow crowds so much as I like my privacy and enjoy sparse relationships as long as they are sincere. Disappointments happen. Some crowds of affiliated some go one way, some others go another and sometimes a few of us find our own way by uncharted territory. And I like to think that readers visit this site because they want to know what it is I express than that numbers are.

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