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‘Simply put, this is a disgrace,’ one veteran Hollywood mogul told Drudge. ‘This guy is out there saying “awards for art are f—ing idiotic” and he is hosting the show produced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? I guess the joke is on us!'”

The Academy being ‘outraged’ at these funny (and they are funny) comments by Chris Rock is very difficult for me to take seriously (not the comments by Chris Rock about the Awards, but the unidentified Academy member[s]), (“…veteran Hollywood mogul, who asked not to be identified…”).

And, why do these “Hollywood mogul(s)” always insist on being unidentified? That’s a red herring right there.

The Academy has no footing to criticize anyone about anything, given their litany of horrific content deemed acceptable (by them), if not laudible (to them).

Chris Rock’s comments are too straightforward for whichever unidentified Academy member/Hollywood mogul is ever so discreetly quoted in DRUDGE, although multiple “Academy members” were also referred as having similar responses to Rock’s comments — and the reason Rock is funny in the first place and funnier than most is that he says things such as this that are scathing and based in social realities that others step around, such as does this unidentified Academy “mogul” among others also alluded to.

Next they’ll be saying Rock “will never work in this town again.” They’re “shocked.” They’re “outraged.”

They’re out of touch.

That they are (nearly) ALL “X”-rated is the point here. Suggesting Chris Rock poses some extraordinary exception in and among a world of grotesquery and offense that categorizes many in the film industry (worldwide, because Hollywood is no exception under current terms) is to up the ante on the offense meter, rendering the Academy even moreso. And, about that, I cannot be specific because the “Academy/Hollywood mogul(s)” are “unidentified.” It leaves no margin for specificity of discussion on any fair sense. And yet they’re offended by what Chris Rock says? It’s an outrageously offensive thing for the “Academy/Hollywood mogul” to even suggest. It signifies yet another excess from a group of persons behaving both covertly and excessively themselves. They spinnin’! They spinnin’!”

Hollywood “moguls” without their excesses? Unimaginable.

Imagine a quaint get together with video cameras in a field, the pickup trucks and families joining together around a few picnic tables, congratulating and commemorating a select few from their numbers for the great work and noticable creative efforts they’d made in the past year, their reward that of being loved and cherished by their dears and peers.

Any Hollywood/Academy “mogul” in that midst (if possible to find in that context) would not be present without multiple crews, trailers and buses by the dozens, an orchestra if not moreso, several networks connected, numerous contracts and a whole lot of preproduction and production help. Who would not be seated at the picnic tables.

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