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Writing earlier about Fat Cat Bloggers, I continue to read about one particularly gross Fat Catter who has become a media resource kitten for Bigger Media and I wonder if irrational emails from that very gross Fat Cat would shed any hair on the furball that that particular Fat Cat coughed up by way of an inbox of mine; and yet, I am also determined to not be the one calling Animal Control about that (or any other) biting Fat Cat. Because, it’s the blogosphere: cats and dogs — while I favor dogs I’m not one to favor rounding up biting cats or otherwise. I don’t know (yet) where that leaves me on any morality meter because it’s not like I am ambivalent or careless, just startled.

It amazes me that Bigger Media turns to certain Fat Cats who sit on the blogosphere as do other even Fatter Cats perch upon Bigger Media as fence post from one neighborhood to the next. In personal experience, if you’d been bitten by a Bigger Media Talking Head when you called for the time o’ day, you’d have some special but private experience that would make the next nightly Talking Head experience quite contradictory: he/she poses well but you’d know something about that Talking Head that contradicts what Bigger Media makes available to be known to the public.

Thus, like the random bitten worldwide, you’d turn off that broadcast with that biting Talking Head and wonder whytheheck anyone would ever tune in if ever or again, given your knowledge that that Talking Head was an irrational gummer.

That’s my experience with a certain Fat Cat among the blogosphere, proven irrational and excessively so in emails while also now a source about which Bigger Media appears to be petting. I’m just wondering here what the nature of the heat is, if biters fancy other biters, if Fat Cats are fancied by even Fatter Cats but mostly I am wondering how to avoid them all and yet remain in the yard.

P.S.: Lest anyone ponder the target o’ allusion here, it isn’t any blogger — Fat Cat or otherwise — who I have identified in BIRD by permanent blogroll link. I link to those I respect.



  1. Hengineer says:

    For the Fun of it

    Tribute to Rodney Dangerfield:

    I don’t get no respect.