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The University of Oregon has “banned” the expression, “support our (U.S.) troops” from their employees while using university owned vehicles, saying that it “represents political speech” and is, therefore, disallowed.

From Kevin McCullough this day, news about this disgusting policy by a shameful administration, attempting to prevent a political expression in support of U.S. military personnel. This is appalling and vile behavior by, no surprise here, a U.S. educational system, bent on suppressing if not preventing political expression by some, while turning a quite blind eye to and about others.

McCullough suggests contacting the Office of the President at U. of O. and making complaints known. I completely agree.

Here: Office of President Dave Frohnmayer
PHONE HIM: 541-346-3036

(Note: later, read on comments section, Blogs for Bush, e-mail is either being rebounded or it’s being responded to by form e-mail, so complaints to others are inorder, like Congress, for instance.)

I read that Cheese & Crackers has a response available, such as it is, from U. of O. I guess it’s alright to “support” a Democratic candidate for office in Oregon and/or elsewhere, wear some campaign button, tack up a bumper sticker or balloon on your desk, but it’s not alright to say, write or wear anything that says, “I support the troops.”

Oregon’s obfuscation of integrity by this false pretense of administering academics is appalling.

Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers write: wear and display a yellow ribbon to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. I know I will.


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