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US AID website provides a thorough reference and roundup of reputable sites to which donations can be effectively made. Most of us have preferred organizations but this website by US AID makes a selection process simple, and, most importantly, reliable as to sites and sources they include in their reference page.

BIRD is linking to US AID’s website for this purpose in permanent links options, left-hand column. After this last week here in California, I am this morning trying to realize a schedule of recurring donations to a few of my favored organizations — along with looking at having to replace an entire wall in my own place due to water damage from the recent storms here — because it sure appears that the need is ongoing, if not unlimited, the nature of need itself I see.

It’s good to be alive. Walls or defective walls it may be but some people have no hope this morning of even having walls, or having them again. Hope precedes the walls.

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