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Yesterday’s thread did not imply nor even remotely suggested that I found as objectionable or even questionable any or all of the sites mentioned in that thread (with the exception today of one snapper in the Trackback Section that followed the thread itself).

Quite the contrary. As in, the list contains sites that I enjoy and read often and so therefore actually missed when they were not available. However, they’re all hosted on the same server(s) through the same hosting company and when that company has problems of whatever kind the sites go dark. And I miss those sites when they do. So I wrote a suggestion yesterday after finding a few of those sites again “down,” and that suggestion was that they all, respectively, strive to host on separate servers or situations, such that they are not all continually affected by whatever is affecting wherever they are hosted together — especially since they’re all high-traffic sites.

It’s just a suggestion, that the sites — being highly read weblogs and some of my most favored as do many others, obviously — not follow the “all the eggs in one basket” strategy, behavior, of parking their information at one location. Which appears to suffer from recurring downages of whatever reason.

Perhaps it was my preoccupation as a reader of those blogs that a certain critic found quite so objectionable about yesterday’s thread (I don’t actually think so — that’s a rhetorical statement). Perhaps the critic isn’t feeling too well (which is probable based upon what I’ve just read that said critic snaps about). But for whatever reason, it has nothing to do — what that critic is feeling and experiencing — with what I wrote yesterday and vice-versa. As in, unrelated issues, utterly disparate in reference. (And critic writes that *I* am “paranoid” — all that because I missed reading certain websites and suggested that they look around for alternate webhosts; it was mere, individual, lone and well-intended suggestion.)

Again, rhetorically, perhaps it is that certain critical users of the internet have just snapped.

Other sites and other authors can do what they want and will and clearly do. I just miss some among them when they’re down. Sometimes I make suggestions that I hope will help, sometimes I offer to help with my own resources, sometimes I devote time in helps but otherwise try to help in any way I can where and when problems and problematic conditions exist. But, something about being criticized for musings (as is what I wrote yesterday)…I don’t know, seems so wretched by those who behave that way, seems so…resentful, as I’ve written before. It’s embittered behavior, comes from very dark recesses of the human psyche.

You know that reaction you get when you think you are about to drink a very nice cup of tea and you taste a bitter brew instead? That’s the response I had to reading the vile upset directed at me by this embittered, nuttier-than-disgusting individual who sputtered and exploded my way after I wrote yesterday’s post. They have to have been festering and spoiling all by themselves and by their own rotten nature on some back burner for a while now and thus, exploded my way without any provocation except that of their own foul nature in search of a target to splatter.

But, about me as a lone reader of webblogs-found-missing and the reasons why that is when I encounter it — I can only speculate about the cause/s, given that there’s no information available beyond the generic and that I am not remotely interested as to what the specifics are because I’m not related to that webhost and certainly have no plans to be and the reason why is because of this now recurring randiness associated with that host (they shall remain dark in my experience and this last nasty expose was conclusive proof of that).

So, exposing their dreadful bitterness, let me see, what this bitter nutter wrote: I’m “a right-wing” site/author and “tin foil hat intended” (among other things — it went farther into a pit of bleak spittle from there). And to think that only last month this same bitter nutter gummed that I was “neo nazi” [sic] because I used a typeface called “Old English” on the Weblog Awards logos — how crazy can such a presumptive accusation as that actually BE? The use of a typeface indicates one is a “neo nazi” [sic]? When was this rule written that I missed it?

How all that garbage from their nutty mind came to be — in reality — has nothing to do with ME but is, rather, a product of their own festering irrationality.

Nor does it have anything in reality to do with what I wrote about yesterday, as to the ganging of the sites on one continually failing host; it is, rather, a screaming example of mental illness by he/she who exploded my way.

I mean, someone had to search with concerted effort to even read what I wrote yesterday and in relationship to what and I wonder why. Stalking by disgruntled merchant: something’s snapped.

So, for Heaven’s sake, move on, stand up, be clear, get over the infected brew, put the rotten cup down. Dragging jaws do not an excuse make. Something about spittle and a caustic use of the word, “honey,” (from the nutter’s rotten comments)…people who use that term sarcastically, as this bitter nutter did about me in their crud commenting, just eek out puss all over humanity. It infects the very atmospheric ether with negativity, bitter, brewing, rotten negativity, using what is in sincerity a term of endearment then changed to be an expression of the ugly: the antithesis of what is good. In other words, it’s evil in action and by nature.

Accusations such as I have recently read, about me, are so purile as to be the indication of true psychological pathology by those who brew and sputter them. As in, they are crazy people sputtering crazy statements without regard or responsibility for their words and word actions. Otherwise, if not crazy, the alternative for such is truly horrific: intentional deceit to inflict harm, and, disregard for what harms they inflict, inflicted intentionally.

Blogs and site hosts are not immune from standards of decency and ethical responsibilities regardless of how ‘well connected’ they and their ‘friends’ may be and however fancy or wonder-filled they may be if only in thier own minds. It’s the confusion of commerce with sadism (perhaps, the conversion of those), when this happens, and as has happened recently with these hideous snaps I’ve encountered about me, about BIRD, and about why based upon what.

I am enjoying reading my copy of Hugh Hewitt‘s recent book about webblogs (“Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World”), and appreciate the fact that some people get it right and that they get it. There is hope.

Of related interest: La Shawn Barber

Later Update: of more related interest after searching through my site stats and a few links…Bill at INDC, an earlier object o’ snappage. A pattern is emerging.

Another even later update: Sekimori “Design” has now blocked links from this site, having first written drech on about this site and me in particular and sent certain traffic this way, only to block my response as being read from that site and any reader’s attempt to read references to the original from this site. I’m going to leave these comments and this thread, along with the earlier one and the Sekimori-originating trail o’ woe, up. Just for eternity. Get cached. Things of that nature.

…a pause, and, links now function so apparently there was yet another WEBSITE DOWN moment for Sekimori, among a relative bitch fest going on over there, about which, I don’t see the point. But then, I’m not a sekimori.

Update, 01/10/04, 11:38 P.M. PST:

The “trackback” trail of evidence originating with and created by on this website, this thread, has now been removed. A written complaint was made to the I.S.P. who is responsible for’s access to the internet for the trackback and objectionable content of earlier mention here (as described through my comments about the situation and the content) and to, and that complaint was and remains: that they remove the objectionable and derogatory and quite irrational content and references to me and this website, or be held responsible for further liabilities for their behavior. I have no idea if there was willingness to remove the trackback, or the content — dead air after being requested by me to do so — but they’ve been utterly ugly in their acting-out irrational hatefulness on the internet about me as an individual, about my site, and it has been completely by their own hateful preoccupation — needless to add, they’ve not responded to any reasonable requests to behave acceptably.

One great aspect to maintaining your own site is that there are ample site stats provided in hosting: in this ugly incident, preserved trackback information containing originating IPA identified as being and respective ISP used by that location.

I also saved screen captures that evidence the full stream of offense, should there be future interest about the events. I only discovered late yesterday that has a relationship with — employee or business participant, I don’t know, don’t care to know, other than they appear to be commingled in their business activities to some extent — and was requested by me in writing and several times uniquely beginning last November 2004 to stop contacting me and that their contact was both unwelcome by me and deemed to be objectionable.


I encourage anyone and everyone to contact — my current webhost — for excellent service above and beyond usual expectations: superior customer service, exceptionally reasonable rates, no surprise charges, abundant account services, consistently reliable technical performance and most of all, they value my business and respond to my account with conscientious and professional service.

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  1. justaguy says:

    “Moore dedicated his win to the U.S. troops fighting overseas and said he was “amazed” that people voted his film their favorite.”

    Good grief!


  2. -S- says:

    He’s such a creep. He should be “amazed,” however, if not ashamed — had he said, “I’m so ashamed that people actually voted for my film,” he’d have grown in credibility from turnip root to daisy.

    I was earlier today going to write about this, got distracted (this thread) but will go try to start something now…welcome back!

  3. INDC Journal says:

    Old Business

    Stacy Tabb of Selimori Designs and Hosting Matters drives her train off the rails again. Suzy Rice makes some rather perceptive comparisons: As in, move on, for Heaven’s sake. Dragging jaws do not an excuse make. Something about spittle and…