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I in no way support or endorse the Howard Dean campaign nor his politics, nor the man as individual — it’s another instance of a great big sea where he, his character and his politics are concerned (although I was willing to listen a while ago) in reference to me and BIRD — but, about these comments, written by “Z” (ZONKETTE, who is Zephyr Teachout, previously of the Howard Dean for President campaign), I reticently agree.

I agree with her approaches and toward what explanations, with her perspectives as moderate as they are. I don’t agree with her politics.

I think the main offense to most is that the Dean Campaign used “blogging” in most person’s perceptions as a campaign process — and professionally because once compensation is involved, it’s no longer the realm of the average, the non-professional — didn’t make that clear while public perceptions remained challenged to the contrary. The Dean campaign was using, mayhap still is, blogs to further their political campaign(s), while there was no declaration to support that, that it was popularly perceived as being so while also popularly denigrated by the campaign itself, which, in fact, indicates that there was some degree of misleading at work by the Dean campaign and the bloggers affiliated with it: the arch offense to most of us now reading explanations about that, however well written and even tempered they now are.

But, it’s an interesting read and I have other comments about the very areas mentioned in Z’s comments — blogging, political alignments and campaigns and the credibility issues affecting all of those — that I’ll write about right after I watch “Spider-Man 2” again on DVD. Main Titles are fabulous. Tobey Maguire’s performance is wonderful. I think he even got paid for his work.

“The question is, Web Man, who is Mysterio?” And, will we have to wait for the 2007 release of “Spider-Man 3” to know? I don’t think so.

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  1. Jay Tea says:

    Dang, I GOTTA get that on DVD. Three words, three simple words:

    The Train Sequence.

    The most amazing fight scene I’ve ever seen.


  2. -S- says:

    Yeah, Sam Raimi did a fabulous job on that scene, too, among others.

    The warehouse scene (fight there, too) from start to go to finish (Spidey holds off villian, attempts to bring about the end of total Earth doom, saves his love from utter destruction, reconciles but explains why they can’t be together — well, that’s several scenes, I realize, just that they stream together so well, all so well done individually), was my favorite (sequence), however.

    Raimi is one of those great live action directors who includes animation in that process. He’s complimented Hitchcock to such a degree (in my opinion, among the most talented directors with animation, although of a different sort that is identifiable with today’s technologies) that he’s in his own territory now.