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The amount of information as to how to contribute to the victims of the Southeast Asia earthquake and tsunami disasters is nearly overwhelming. Which is good because it indicates so many opportunities and efforts involved but it can make the donation process difficult if and when you aren’t sure what options exist or have limited time to read through pages of links.

The Command Post has a comprehensive page that provides current news and information and an array of organizations that are accepting donations to the relief efforts underway, and the graphic above links to that page and a permanent display of the graphic on BIRD, left-hand column, links to that page, also.

Please feel free to copy this “You Can Help” graphic that I’ve included here and include a link to The Command Post page when you do (if you prefer a different file size graphic to what you see displayed here, please contact me and I’ll send you what I have saved — 150 wide through 220 wide in increments of ten pixels between that range).

Mention and thanks to The Truth Laid Bear.

Also, Wizbang joins “The Blogger’s Tsunami Challenge.”
(It’s not from or about Blogger, but an individual site effort [as in, “Bloggers'”] to encourage and generate donations. BIRD, on the other hand, is going to continue to provide information as to donating and assisting, since all efforts help toward the goal.)

Please visit Captain’s Quarters World Relief Day page (thanks to Michelle Malkin for the suggestion).

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