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My first thought yesterday, when reading about people carrying forward with their pre-tsunami vacation plans in areas of Thailand since affected by the tsunami, my first thought was, bravo to them, great, go, spend money, buy things, eat meals, provide paychecks for people who need them from employers who need the business.

Then I read a wash of negatives about those people (“ghouls” I read) and it set me to pause, curious about the skewed concepts involved. What Thailand and Southeast Asia do not need right now, and probably for a long time in the future, is people not visiting, no one arriving or returning, a loss of business of mammoth proportions, and need instead not so much a loss of business as is going to be inevitable after the earthqauke and tsunami damage from December 26.

Commerce is a powerful thing and what Thailand and other affected areas in Southeast Asia need, now more than ever, is more commerce. So, buy Thai. Google Thailand, Google Southeast Asia, look for products, ask for them in stores, talk about it with other people you know, get the ball rolling.

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