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Down this evening and still late this night and early morning, all these sites and more…
The Truth Laid Bear
Captain’s Quarters

…and what they have in common is that they are all bunched up on one host: too many cooks and all, as the saying goes.

Because, otherwise, if not the host they all have in common, it’d be a strange phenomenon that this particular group of blogs would all go dark all at the same time for otherwise issues not related to their hosting services about which they all have in common. Smart bloggers all, up to a point.

So the obvious conclusion is, their recurring “downage” is related to the host they all share. It’d be smarter to host the sites on different locations, for starters, because the downtimes for these sites in their current situation recurs with some frequency that is abnormal for acceptable hosting.

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  1. k, Let’s Go Over it Again

    This comment seen at popular right-wing weblog, in reference to the DoS attack on HM last night: Powerline was off also, might be a good idea to use different hosts in the future. You know. Weblogs make up a large…

  2. -S- says:

    Unfortunately, certain negativity can and does bend completely out of shape some personalities such as I am glad that I can help to share the burden here for Sakamori Design, to air out whatever difficulties are negatively affecting that writer and site.

    I sensed a problem. I was right.

  3. -S- says:

    Interesting: I am now “popular,” “right-wing” and “tin foil hat” referenced. All that and from such harmless and well intended a comment as I made here, based upon experience and the observation that Hosting Matters (the host shared by these other ‘popular’ weblogs) was affected, yet again as per HM explains and does this boneless critic opine, by a “DOS attack” of unexplained origin), causing these other sites to be down for quite a while Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.

    It’s just a suggestion. I hardly think it’s worth being gummed into mud by Sekimori, such that I’d be really, really curious as to what was actually negatively affecting said critic.

    I host with a place called “Web Intellects.” They’ve provided great service to date complete with Technical Support Ticket feature that is/are responded to within minutes by an actual technician with access to their servers. I recommend them but there are other hosting services that are also as reliable and as personally responsive.

    I’d venture to guess that Sekimori has more affecting the very bad attitude here in relationship to this issue (HM) and my website and me as another author (which is a strange correlation to my read by Sekimori, a somewhat bombastic flogging to and about a breath of air floating by…curious in the overload affects). Whatever it is, it’s sad to behold, truly sad.

    All bunched up. Falling down.

  4. -S- says:


    Yesterday’s thread did not imply nor even remotely suggested that I found as objectionable or even questionable any or all of the sites mentioned in that thread (with the exception today of one snapper in the Trackback Section that…