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I’m sure that certain interests feel a whole lot better after hearing certain Democrats in the U.S. Senate opine as to lack of faith in the country’s defense policy leaders as representatives of the American people, which such policy they — at least I thought they did — swore to defend.

I am also sure that certain “insurgencies” feel a whole lot more emboldened today hearing certain U.S. Senators throw themselves down on a door mat for insurgency foot-wiping purposes. No, wait, I believe some of them actually have been holding the door open, and then throwing themselves down on the mat.

I have a dream today, that one day certain little Senators will rise up and accept responsibility for the votes they cast and do not cast and that certain little Senators will display accountability — maybe some gratitude for good measure thrown in here — for their paychecks made possible by the good works of others that continue inorder to keep certain little Senators parked before microphones and international media for to make grandstanding and helps to insurgencies everywhere, as allowed by our Constitution. I have a dream today.

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