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Open letter to Kevin Aylward and others interested in the Weblog Awards 2004 project:


I’m recently experiencing a plethora of hacking attempts and ongoing trojan/worm attachments being sent to the (email) address that’s published on my websites…I accessed a recent referral link that’s appeared in the last few days as to the Weblog Awards logo page (in my site stats, listing referrals and page visits, etc.), and I found this (referring URL to the logo page hosted on one of my two sites):

———–URL of site referring to Weblog Logos:—————

———–SLUDGE ON THAT URL/site:—————————–

“Ce logo est absolument hideux et abominable, mais c’est l’officiel, alors je me plie à la décision. Pour limiter les dégâts esthétiques à ce blog, je choisis tout de même la plus petite taille. Mais Dieu que c’est laid. Et encore, je vous épargne la version carrée, encore pire. Abominablement laid et flou et illisible, quelle que soit la variante. Ça ne donne pas franchement envie de faire appel à Suzy Rice pour un boulot. Même quelconque. Le reste de ses travaux graphiques est tout aussi affreux et dénote un mauvais goût flagrant. Cela dit, en survolant son blog (je n’ai pas le courage de m’y plonger, c’est illisible), j’ai l’impression que la dame en question est une pro-bush, ce qui en dit long sur ses capacités en général, intellectuelles en particulier et esthétiques visiblement. Ce qui est certain, c’est que la seule chose dont elle puisse se vanter est d’avoir dessiné le logo Star Wars. Elle insiste tellement sur le sujet qu’on a l’impression que cet Helvetica à peine retravaillé est sa propre création et que ce logo est une merveille. N’exagérons rien, s’il est aujourd’hui connu et reconnu, il n’a rien d’exceptionnel d’un point de vue design et, visiblement, son attribution reste sujette à caution. Bref. Moi, si j’ai besoin de design graphique, je ferai appel des gens de talent, Jo ou Alban, certainement pas à elle. Beurk. Reste qu’en fouinant dans les commentaires, j’ai vu des blogs non anglo-saxons dans les nominations proposées. S’ils vont un peu plus loin que les propositions, ce sera déjà une bonne nouvelle pour la diversité culturelle et intellectuelle…”


(I used Google’s translation tool, such as it is (notoriously strange translations, but it at least gets the general statements by most across), and I got this translation (French to English):


“This logo is absolutely hideous and abominable, but it is the official one, then I yield with the decision. To limit the aesthetic damage to this blog, I choose the smallest size all the same. But God that it is ugly. And still, I save the square version to you, still worse. Abominably ugly and fuzzy and illegible, whatever the alternative. That frankly does not give desire for calling upon Suzy Rice for a job. Even unspecified. The remainder of its graphic work is quite as dreadful and indicates a bad obvious taste. However, by flying over his blog (I do not have the courage of me to plunge there, it is illegible), I have the impression that the lady in question is a pro-bush, which in known as length on its capacities in general, intellectual in particular and esthetics obviously. What is certain, it is that the only thing of which it can be praised is to have drawn the logo Star Wars. It insists so much on the subject which one has the impression which this hardly worked over again Helvetica is its own creation and which this logo is a wonder. Let us not exaggerate anything, if he today is known and recognized, he does not have anything exceptional from a design point of view and, obviously, its attribution remains prone to guarantee. In short. Me, if I have need for design graphic, I will make call of people of talent, OJ or Alban, certainly not with it. Beurk. Remain that while fouinant in the comments, I saw blogs not Anglo-Saxons in the nominations suggested. If they go a little further the proposals, it will be already a good news for cultural and intellectual diversity…”

———–END OF SLUDEGE—————————————–

(My letter to Kevin continues):

I was a tad upset by these rantings by this lunatic. If you are receiving complaints about the Weblog Awards logo(s) that I provided to the project, then, please let me know and I’ll happily withdraw the work. It’s not an egotistical effort by me, I honestly and sincerely did this work as a gift, my effort to contribute. I had high ideals in the contribution and didn’t perceive me donating time and effort as some self promotion or act of egoism, nor anything even approaching such a vile misunderstanding of my motives, nor about me as a person.

I don’t know what makes some people write such awful stuff about total strangers as has this monster somewhere in Europe written about me and about the Weblog Awards logos, and about the Awards process itself.

But, about me, as an individiual, I would like to extend to you the cheerful (?) (perhaps, shocked is better expressed) offer to just replace the logo design with something else by someone else if you receive any complaints or have already about the logo design work I provided for the project.

I’d rather see another logo being used for the Awards than the Awards process be demeaned and wrecked by some lunatics on the planet who just really, really hate me, a total stranger to whoever wrote this crud (that weblog, such as it is).

I’ve noticed that the URL (offensive author copied above) has visited BIRD before in the past months (I remember seeing their webpage graphics when I looked into page stats once before, for BIRD, however), so it appears I’ve got a genuine troll here. Who has now moved over to trolling the Weblog Awards. I can’t explain beyond that. (I don’t perceive anything productive from even trying further explanation about situations such as this.)

I’ve received aggressive fan-type (email), (many others quite nice, however, by comparison) (related to) the Star Wars (logo) work. And, about that, it’s just my past, it’s what my life includes as to past work credits, but it appears that some persons perceive any mention of that work as me being an egoist. Which does explain better here why I kept the work credits private for so many years…(some) people become very aggressive and destructive to and about me when they read the extent of my entertainment design work, of which Star Wars was just one project completed (I don’t mention the others, and it’s for this reason, in public forums).

About the Weblog Awards, if you receive complaints about this logo I designed (pictured above in main title version), then please don’t hesitate to replace it with someone else’s work. I will understand, and would rather see the project not so attacked as recently because of the logo alone. I won’t be offended, otherwise…

Fresh comments on this blog: whatever kindness and kind words I ever authored about the French will remain, in deference, mostly, to my Alpine ancestors. However, thts in the past — whatever has happened to that once interesting and intelligent culture and language has become something embarrassing unto themselves. Whether Canadian or European, they have fast become the pretense that everyone else works to avoid.

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  1. Ozguru says:

    Personally, I like the logo. Thanks for contributing and doing something *positive* (c.f. whinger who is moaning and groaning but not contributing).

  2. -S- says:

    Why, thanks, Ozguru. I like the logo, too.


    Some people…you know, sometimes the best you can call someone else based upon their behavior is an arse. I think the foiled writer o’ French, there, is such an arse.

  3. -S- says:

    Ah, thanks, KoF, thanks…

    I’m still considering offering up an alternative logo design that includes 1 or maybe 2 point type, blinking bits, purple and pink flashing flowers and some sort of animated glowing green popup…ha.

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. They are appreciated. ~:-D

  4. I think there are many who feel their own humanity and perhaps a bit of those they are close to but that is all. Everyone else is a tool to be used or mocked.

    Ignore the unkind words and be thankful that you are not like the mocker.

  5. julie says:

    I like the retro look of the logo. And, as an amateur calligrapher, I love the numbers. The style is quite beautiful.

  6. -S- says:

    Why, thank you, julie, for sharing that. The visual statement was, in fact, retro, as to a serious step back approach to blogging as content, or perhaps, step ahead (I am in acceptance of the design principle that what is past is prologue). Blogging this past year, especially, has taken on yet another permutation of craft and capacity, and since Kevin Aylward wanted something “classical” in appearance for a logo this year, I gave it a serious approach, rather than focus on glitz, trends or anything else that is based in social popularism.

    Unfortunately, many internet users at present are accustomed to and even demand a trendy use of the internet — and it’s easy to see what similarity and blandness results from that ‘design by anticipation of what is popular’ trend results: a lotta glowing green-ala-“The Matrix” against black backgrounds, a lot of machinized type, a lot of blogs and websites that follow the same formulas as they become trendy.

    The typeface that you notice in the numerals is “Old English,” readily available on most graphic programs, among others. I emboldened it manually on the large, original logo version.